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Community responds to RTX 5090 leak and we’re all wondering just how to afford one

Better get saving
Last Updated on May 9, 2024
Community responds to 5090 leaked specs
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Brand new leaked specs for the upcoming RTX 5090 show that it will outclass the RTX 4090 quite handily. Nvidia has outdone themselves if this leak is to believed, though much of the community is focusing on a key detail: just exactly how am I going to afford it?

Well, we don’t know the price just yet but there are plenty of ballpark figures out there over the $2,000 mark based on what we now know. It’s going to be a beast of a GPU for sure, which also leads us to wonder how much power it will require, and how big is it going to be?

What has been leaked?

This specs leak comes from Dexerto on X and provides a stark comparison between the 4090 and 5090, although not every single specification is covered. Based on the specs, users speculate around a 50-60% performance increase which is hard to imagine given just how much of a powerhouse the current flagship is.

RTX 5090 leaked specs versus the RTX 4090

RTX 5090 leaked specs versus the RTX 4090

How expensive will it be?

No-one can know for sure how much the RTX 5090 will cost just yet. We’re sure that Nvidia will keep this a secret until later on in the year. The community response to the leaks is clear though, it may warrant some deep digging into your bank account. User ReanimatedYT jokes that they “can’t wait to drop a mortgage payment” on it, while others are happy to stick with what they’ve got.

It seems like the sentiment that the RTX 5090 may cost and arm and a leg is pretty widespread, and we’d have to agree. Given the fact that the RTX 4090 sold well and remains highly-priced to this day, why wouldn’t a vastly better 5090 take it up a notch? Furthermore, we don’t expect AMD or Intel to come even close to this level, so competition will be low. Don’t worry though, u/MyPathToYou on Reddit shares this helpful money saving advice:

Reaction to RTX 5090 leaked specs (source: Reddit)

Finally, you might want to think about some changes to your setup… and career. In time of the RTX 5090 release date of course.

Further reaction to 5090 leaked specs (source: Reddit)

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