DIY platformer Levelhead out now

Levelhead, a new 2D platformer centered around building and sharing your own levels, has just been released.

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Levelhead, a new 2D platformer centered around building and sharing your own levels, has just been released.

There’s some obvious inspiration from Super Mario Maker here, but aside from the advantage of being on PC, having a level editor that you can use cursor controls on can certainly speed up the level creation process, and being able to create levels collaboratively with realtime multiplayer level creation could have some interesting results.

Speedrunners and players who enjoy the more challenging levels will appreciate that Levelhead has a quick restart system, where after a death, you respawn to try again almost immediately. Super Mario Maker has long waits between deaths as it boots you back to a load screen before restarting the action. Not a massive problem for many users, but if you’re replaying a level again and again to get a perfect run, those minor delays can add up. Levelhead also gives you an option to highlight the current world record for any given level during your attempts to beat it, so you can track just how close you’re getting to the number one spot without having to explore a separate high score table.

These features are clearly to some extent targeted towards power-users, who might have enjoyed the concept and design behind Super Mario Maker, but got a little frustrated with some of the limitations it imposes, and want to try something more tailored to advanced players and creators.

It’s a cross-platform game, and your levels can be shared with players on all platforms. You can create a level on PC and easily share it with friends on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, Mobile or Tablet. Sadly no Playstation version so far.Grab it now, and explore your creativity as you hone your skills as a level creator. It’s $19.99 on Steam and Epic Game Store, or get it included with Xbox Game Pass.