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DJI Fly app for Android isn’t playing nice with Pixel 6

Issues are grounding drones worldwide
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
DJI Fly App Android
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DJI Fly app for Android isn’t agreeing with Google’s Tensor SoC that powers Google Pixel 6 handsets. So much so, it’s becoming virtually impossible for users to get their drones to work on google’s latest flagship smartphone. DJI Flys response? Try another phone.

DJI drones are becoming a necessity for various content creators and photographers due to their solid automation features and image quality. With Google Pixel 6 helming the move into machine learning and AI SoCs in smartphones, we’d like to think the two would be a winning combination.

Credit: @jdmaxima89 via Twitter

The current versions of the DJI Fly and Mimo apps are preventing live previews from drones, presenting a blank image instead. The usual controls and other features of the app remain working, but it’s a bit awkward trying to find a perfect angle when going into a scene blind.

The DJI Fly app for Android fallout

The DJI Forums are ablaze with the issue, with Super Moderator ‘DJI Stephen’, advising customers to use a supported handset instead:

” Kindly please try using a different recommended mobile device to see if the issue will persist? Upon checking the said mobile device ( Google Pixel 6 Pro ) that you are using on the DJI Fly application. I am sorry to say that the said mobile device is not recommended for the said DJI application. We would suggest using a recommended mobile device for the DJI Fly application for compatibility and reliability purposes. There is a possibility that the Google Pixel 6 Pro will be able to work on the DJI Fly application. But however, since it’s not yet optimized with the said DJI application we cannot guarantee if it will work all the time and if it will be able to run all the functions of the DJI Fly application while using it. For reference, I will post a link wherein you can check the recommended mobile devices for the DJI Fly application ( https://www.dji.com/downloads/djiapp/dji-fly ). Thank you.”
That’s not the answer we were looking for.

Their Twitter support page is on fire too, with users reporting issues with recently released Samsung handsets too:

Whilst we’d be quick to blame Google Tensor for incompatibility issues, it looks like this issue is impacting various 2021 handsets. Whilst an Android 12 beta version has been released, there’s currently no time frame or plans to get this issue fixed. have you had any issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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