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Don’t forget to pre order the ASUS ROG Ally X if you want a free Game Pass at launch

Free Xbox Game Pass anyone?
Last Updated on July 3, 2024
ASUS ROG Ally X gaming handheld with Xbox Game Pass logo
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The ASUS ROG Ally X is soon entering the handheld gaming PC market. Not only does it boast impressive upgrades like extended battery life and faster RAM, but ASUS is pulling out all the stops to incentivize pre-orders with a tempting offer: three free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate when you order from Best Buy. Just like the previous model.

Launching on July 22, the ROG Ally X pre-orders at Best Buy come with a free three-month Game Pass subscription. This is a fantastic perk for both new and existing Game Pass users, as the offer applies even to those who’ve previously subscribed. With the Game Pass, you’ll unlock a massive library of over 100 games, including top titles like Hellblade 2, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite, which are all playable directly on the ROG Ally X.

ASUS ROG Ally X – Image Source: ASUS

How the ROG Ally X compares to older versions

ASUS has listened to fans and addressed key issues with the ROG Ally Z1 Extreme. The Ally X boasts improved battery life for longer on-the-go gaming sessions. Additionally, it features better SSD compatibility, faster RAM with a higher base capacity, and a redesigned shell for enhanced grip, ensuring a more comfortable handheld experience.

It is worth noting that, with the arrival of the Ally X, ASUS has dropped the price of the ROG Ally Z1 Extreme to $649.99. This presents a more budget-friendly option for those seeking a powerful handheld gaming PC without the latest bells and whistles.

Additional improvements at ASUS

Taking responsibility for past issues with the ROG Ally’s RMA process, ASUS has committed to significant improvements. This is particularly important considering the overheating problems caused by the microSD card slot placement in the original model, which resulted in numerous returns and frustration among customers.

With its impressive upgrades, free Game Pass offer at launch, and a focus on improved customer service, the Asus ROG Ally X is a compelling package for handheld gaming enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a powerful and portable gaming experience with some serious pre-order incentives, the ROG Ally X is worth considering.

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