Experience mobile gaming at its finest with the Razer Kishi

A futureproof mobile gaming controller

Experience mobile gaming at its finest with the Razer Kishi

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If you’re looking for a mobile gaming experience like no other, the Razer Kishi could be the perfect companion and it’s available right now. It offers a controller-like feel on the go, allowing you to ditch the clunky on-screen controls that let’s face it, no one really wants or likes.

With the Razer Kishi, there’s little to no restrictions on what phone you have due to its extendable frame making it accessible for most users. To power the Kishi, you’re looking at either a lightning connector or USB-C which is perfect for those who have the more recent Android-powered devices, and the majority of iPhone owners. This, however, does alienate individuals who own devices that use micro USB which is a shame but ultimately makes the Kishi more futureproof.


Looking at the tangible controls on the Razer Kishi we can see that it sports two analog sticks which are ideal for mobile FPS titles like Call of Duty Mobile as well as mobile remakes of classics such as Grand Theft Auto 3. If the sticks aren’t your thing, a D-pad is also included Moving to the buttons, you’re getting a full console controller layout with the traditional A B X Y as well as two sets of triggers, making easy work of the inputs needed.


If you’re worried about your battery life, Razer has thought of that and allows passthrough charging through a handy slot underneath the right thumbstick, a brilliant design choice, and perfect for on the go gamers.

The Razer Kishi comes in at the relatively competitive price of $79.99 for the Android USB-C variant and $99.99 for the iPhone Lightning connector variant which we think is well worth it considering the price of other options on the market, and how well the Kishi feels and performs.

We think the Razer Kishi is more than worth picking up if you dabble in a bit of mobile gaming and if you’re someone who is excited about cloud services like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud, it could be a fantastic opportunity to get your AAA gaming done on the go.