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The very first Microsoft Copilot+ PCs have fans raving about Snapdragon X performance

Initial reaction from Surface users is great
Last Updated on June 18, 2024
Copilot+ PC promotional graphic with laptop
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These laptops are powered by Arm-based Snapdragon X processors, designed by Qualcomm to compete with established chipmakers like Intel and AMD. But it’s not just about raw performance. Snapdragon X boasts the title of the first fully Microsoft Copilot+ compliant platform. This means these laptops will have built-in support for the latest AI features from Microsoft, including cutting-edge tech like Auto SR (automatic super-resolution) that can enhance gaming performance.

Some reaction to these new laptops ahead of release was lukewarm at best. Controversy over certain Copilot+ features such as recall may have put a dent in many people’s opinion of the technology, with others simply waiting for reviews to go live before they form an opinion. On the flip side, Microsoft Surface fans have taken to Reddit to gush about the performance of their new Arm-based laptops.

First fully Microsoft Copilot+ platform

These Copilot+ PCs start at a competitive price of $999 and will be available from a wide range of major manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and even Microsoft itself. Qualcomm offers a variety of Snapdragon X processors under the X Elite and X Plus names. These chips come with up to 12 cores and impressive clock speeds, along with features like large cache sizes and support for the latest memory technology. They are designed to be adaptable, working in a power range of 23W to 80W depending on the specific model.

Fully Qualcomm Snapdragon X CPU Lineup – Image Source: Qualcomm

The Qualcomm Snapdragon X promises top-of-the-line CPU performance with extended battery life. It boasts a powerful NPU for advanced AI tasks and on-device processing. The integrated GPU should deliver excellent graphics, while 5G and Wi-Fi 7 ensure super-fast connectivity. Security is top-notch, and the platform supports high-quality video streaming, immersive audio, and multi-monitor setups. With high-bandwidth memory and advanced camera features, this platform is designed for demanding users. The features, as outlined by Qualcomm, show a lineup of features that is potentially very appealing to users.

This launch marks the beginning of a potential battle between Qualcomm, AMD, and Intel in the AI PC market, particularly for laptops that take advantage of Microsoft Copilot+ features.

What about the reaction?

Now that these Copilot+ are available to buy, some fans of the Surface range have taken to Reddit to talk about their first impressions of the device – and the reaction is positive. As we can see from this thread, one user has gone into detail about the performance of their Surface Laptop 7 X Elite – the 13.8″ 16GB model is going for $1,399.99 on Best Buy.

Keep in mind that this is the top-tier X Elite processor model, but performance is said to be “incredibly smooth”, with Google Chrome running “smoother than ever”. It certainly sounds like a great advertisement for the Arm-based device, with a bunch of AI features of course bundled in with the Copilot+ experience. Lastly, the battery life is praised, even after half a day’s work. Cue a number of fans in the comments looking forward to their Surface delivery.

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