How to spend your $1200 stimulus check sensibly

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With the government stimulus checks beginning to arrive, many people are suddenly finding themselves with a cash windfall and in a position to buy things they previously couldn’t afford.

We would never suggest spending your check unwisely on going out and buying 10 packs of RGB fans for example, but if you are in a financial position to be able to do so, then a computer upgrade or even new system might not be as fiscally foolish as some people might portray.

The first thing to consider is your financial situation. If you have recently lost your job or suspect it might be a possibility in the near future, then the sensible thing is obviously to squirrel it away.

If however you are secure in work, then there are definite ways to make your lockdown home-working easier with a little cash-injection.

You might also be a freelancer, or want to become one full-time after all of this eases, so the stimulus could also change your life for the better in the long-run; if that’s the case.

Be grown-up about it. Spend it on what will benefit you most, and if, after a good think, you decide that some new hardware will be the best option for you, then we can certainly help you out with that.

It might be something as simple as buying a new machine so you can actually stay in touch with your family more easily. Or one that will help you work more efficiently. Whatever the reason you will find help here on PC Guide.

You certainly don’t need to spend the whole amount on a new PC – have a look at our Build pages to see great options for all budgets.

Whatever you choose to buy, stay safe, do what’s right for you, and we will still be here for you when we all come out of the other side.