New HP Dragonfly & Envy ‘home working’ laptops revealed at CES 2021

Portable, sleek, and powerful


If you weren’t aware, CES 2021 is in fact still going ahead but obviously, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event is taking place in a fully virtual manner. This means that we’ll all be getting our tech fix with a whole host of new product reveals and huge innovations for the industry. One of these new product launches comes from HP and more specifically, additions to their laptop range to help those who are working from home during this current crisis.

This announcement brings with it two new ‘home working’ HP laptop variants that fall into the ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Envy’ lines. The entries into the Dragonfly family are named HP Elite Dragonfly G2 and the HP Elite Dragonfly Max with the HP Envy model simply sporting a numerical increase to 14. All three of these laptops aim to provide the power and performance of your desktop PC at work in a compact form factor perfect for your make-shift home office.

Looking first at the Dragonfly series, the original HP Dragonfly laptop released in 2020 was a really impressive bit of kit. It boasted some serious specs for the traveling businessperson, so any additions that HP has made to this base model will only elevate its attractiveness. In fact, the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is being touted as the world’s lightest compact business convertible laptop due to it’s less than 1kg weight, 11th generation Intel processor, and the latest integrated graphics. It’s eco-friendly too, with some of the shell being made from ocean plastics and 80% of its mechanic parts being created from recycled materials.


Both the HP Dragonfly G2 has a release window of February with the Max coming a little later in March. The G2 will be priced at £1,699 in the UK which is equivalent to around $2,300. The Max will be a little more expensive coming in at £1899 or around $2580 in the US.

Now, the latest entry into the ever-popular Envy range. The HP Envy 14 brings with it some really great features for those who are working remotely for the foreseeable future. Additions such as Enhanced Lighting makes for better illumination during those online meetings, coupled with AI Noise Removal to attempt to remove that pesky background noise during those brainstorming sessions. There’s also a physical shutter for your webcam cause you know, you don’t want to be accidentally broadcasting yourself to your work colleagues prematurely…


The Envy 14 also comes with some impressive internal hardware such as an 11th-gen Intel Core processor and up to Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics if you need it. Moreover, the battery life is huge clocking in at 16.5 hours on a single charge, a whopping 6.5 hours more than its predecessor. It’ll also sport that increasingly popular 16:10 aspect ratio screen that has touch screen capabilities if you want to get creative.

For when the HP Envy 14 is scheduled to be released, you won’t have to wait long with a February launch on the cards. In terms of how much you can expect this laptop to come in at, it’ll be priced at £999.99 in the UK which is equivalent to around $1,350.

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