Intel 10th Gen CPUs – Where to buy them and what do they cost?

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UPDATE 15th June : Added links for USA for i7-10700

It’s an exciting time of year for CPU launches with the new Ryzens arriving and also Intel’s new 10th Gen desktop processors.

Intel has 32 (don’t blame us) 10th gens CPUs out at the same time so to say things can be a tad confusing is an understatement.

How much do 10th Generation Intel CPUs cost?

The high-end i7s and i9s cost between $298 for the i7-10700F and $488 for the i9-10900K. Not surprisingly many retailers are limiting which models they stock and these higher-end CPUs will be the most popular so expect to find them pretty much everywhere.

i3s and i5s come in between $122 for the i3-10100 to $262 for the i5-10600K

Will I need a new motherboard?

That’s a big old yes. These new CPUs will only fit in an LGA 1200 socket and that’s brand new so this is a serious upgrade as far as the wallet is concerned.

You can find where to buy a new Z490 motherboard in our article here.

What’s the difference between the K and F models?

K series CPUs are pre-overclocked and are also unlocked whereas F isn’t and has no integrated graphics processor. You really do need to look carefully at what you are buying but it’s simple enough to work out.

Where can I buy 10th Generation Intel CPUs?

As the various stores bring their stock online we will update the links below so you can find the CPU you want easily.