iOS 15.1 Release Date, Features, Fixes

You'd beta watch out for it

iOS 15.1 Release Date

Apple has already released the iOS 15.1 Beta in what seems like a knee-jerk reaction to getting SharePlay into the hands of consumers. iOS 15.1 will be a welcomed release when it drops, and it won’t only add more features to iOS 15, but it should fix some pretty big issues with iOS 15 moving forward.

iOS 15.1 – Expected Fixes

Here’s a list of current issues with iOS 15 that still aren’t fixed. Bear in mind, these may be hotfixed before iOS 15.1 in iOS 15.0.1 that is currently in the wild:

  • iOS 15 storage almost full when having over 10GB free
  • Shared with you not working
  • iClouds Your storage could not be upgraded error
  • iTunes cannot run error
  • Live text doesn’t appear or work
  • Facetime screen share not working
  • No sound on Instagram
  • Widgets are blank or not working
  • YouTube videos not playing or working
  • Spotify draining battery life
  • Apple Watch doesn’t unlock iPhone
  • Various security exploits

iOS 15.1 – Expected Features

iOS 15.1 will mark the return of some great features that were originally expected with the iOS 15 vanilla release. You can use some of these features now in the current iOS 15.1 beta. Click here to learn how to get it.

  • SharePlay – Share video and music whilst Using FaceTime
  • Apple Watch Lock Fix – Lock and unlock your iPhone using Apple Watch
  • Vaccination Records – Add vacination records to wallet app
  • Lossless Audio for HomePod – Let’s hope it finally releases

iOS 15.1 Release Date

The iOS 15.1 Beta 2 has just dropped for developers, which means we’re very close to an official release. Although, some of these features were in the iOS 15 beta and then pulled for unknown reasons. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again. As soon as the official release date for iOS 15.1 drops, you’ll find it right here on PCGuide. Bookmark our iOS Hub so you don’t miss out!