iOS 15 RC Download Now Available for Public Beta Testers

A chance to get iOS 15 before public release

ios 15 rc now available

iOS 15 RC Download (Release candidate) is live now for developers and public beta testers. Releasing following a string of Beta releases, iOS 15 RC Download and iPadOS 15 RC Download have been pushed to developers and testers via the standard update method.

How To Get iOS 15 RC

For developers and testers, make sure you have 50% or more battery remaining on your iPhone or iPad (Ideally, have it plugged in). Next, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network and go to the Settings app > General > Software Update. Click here for more download information.

How do you get iOS 15 RC Download if you’re not a developer or tester? Click here to sign up to be a beta tester by using your existing Apple account. After signing up, select the Apple device you’d like to enroll then install your beta profile on the said device by clicking ‘Download Profile’. 

When Is iOS 15 Available?

Once you’ve followed the on-screen instructions on your device, allow it to restart. Once that’s done, go to the Settings app > General > Software Update to get the iOS 15 RC Download. Once the iOS 15 RC Download is done, you’re officially part of the iOS 15 RC family.

If you’d rather wait, you’ll probably want to know when Is iOS 15 Available? Good news, Apple has confirmed the final release of iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and WatchOS 8 will be available as over-the-air updates from September 20th. Just in time for the new iPhone 13 launch!

The full release notes for iOS 15 RC Download can be found here

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A chance to get iOS 15 before public release
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