Is Spotify Down? Here’s everything you need to know

Having trouble listening to Joe Rogan?

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Is Spotify Down? It seems that way as Down Detector notifies users worldwide. The full extent of the downtime or reason why is currently unknown, but the recent spikes in up and downtime suggest not all is well with Spotify servers.

Down Detector alerts their followers. Credit: @DownDetector

Looking at Down Detectors’ reported outages in the last 24 hours, it looks like this is the latest in a series of outages that are currently plaguing the popular streaming platform.

Down Detector Spotify report. Credit: Down Detector

Twitter is backing up the Down Detector report, with tweets already asking the Twitterverse if Spotify is down again:

Spot the happy Spotify customer. Credit: Twitter

Why is Spotify Down?

The Joe Rogan Experience is Spotify’s most popular export, with exclusive rights to episodes and videos. However, Joe Rogan is now in the public firing line after forgetting about his necessity to keep things balanced on the show. More specifically, he openly accepted Covid 19 misinformation on the show which goes against the information given by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) according to the BBC. 

Whilst having opinions and different views to mainstream isn’t a bad thing, it’s being seen as bad form by Rogan for not having a variety of opinions to help educate his 11 million-strong audience. But why are we talking about this? Well, Spotify downtime could represent a provoked DDoS attack on Spotify servers.

A Distributed Denial of Service attack floods servers with traffic and crashes them, leaving them open to various malicious acts. The number of spikes in Spotify downtime over the last 24 hours would suggest not all is well with Spotify.

Hopefully, this is simply a series of bad luck with servers and Spotify is working hard to get them fixed, although they haven’t commented on the downtime at the time of writing.

We’ll update as the story develops. 

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