Is WhatsApp Safe? WhatsApp Scams Resurface

"WhatsApp With You, Scammers?"

Can You Get Scammed On WhatsApp

Online security has always been a very serious topic and something that needs to be kept on top of, but what about social messaging? Is WhatsApp Safe? There’s plenty of WhatsApp scams that could threaten your online lively hood and in some cases expose your bank details. 

The platform itself is well known for its security, more precisely its end-to-end encryption, it’s a big reason why the app is still favored by so many. Although is more secure than other messaging apps including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, there are still ways to not make WhatsApp safe and introduce WhatsApp scams.

For example, the Pegasus incident in 2019 involved hackers calling WhatsApp users and injecting handsets with spyware. Said spyware was then used to view all content on the victim’s phone. Most WhatsApp Scams today involve tricking users rather than breaking WhatsApp safety measures, such as hacked WhatsApp accounts messaging contacts to send a one-time access code so they can then access their WhatsApp account. 

Secure List has also released information regarding Whatsapp spam messages, which normally ask users to take a short survey, then to send the said survey to the victims’ contacts to win a prize. This might not seem harmful, but the scammers here are probably building up to a bigger scam or selling private information.

The report goes on to mention messages about being the lucky winner of a ‘tidy sum’. Ultimately, any message that might seem out of the ordinary should be left alone. Make sure to check with a friend or relative that they have sent the message by calling or using another app.

Unfortunately, having an online presence, in general, opens one up to vulnerabilities. It’s not so much a question of is WhatsApp safe or which WhatsApp scams are the worst, it’s a case of being safe online.

A lot of legitimate businesses conduct client/customer communication via WhatsApp, as well as multiple governments worldwide using it to communicate accurate Coronavirus information and providing certificates. Check out our recommended Antivirus, VPNs, and more to make sure you’re chatting and surfing the safe way. 

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