Jellykey back with more amazing custom keycaps

Bring some fantastic handmade art to your desktop

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Last month we brought you the news that artisan keycap maker Jellykey had brought out the coolest replacement keycaps for your mechanical keyboard of all time.

They instantly went onto our watch list for hot new things coming out so we can bring them straight to you, so imagine our delight when we arrived at work this morning to find news of the latest product to go on sale.

The Rehabilitation of Lost Cities artisan keycaps are painfully modeled miniature city ruins sealed inside resin to form a replacement keycap for your board.

You can see from the image above the painstaking level of detail that is going into making these before they get to you and it’s frankly a bit scary that this much time and effort is going into something so unique.

It’s fair to say it should be classed as art but if you want to get your fingers on them there is a group buy running on Jellykey’s pay that only runs until the end of the week.

Just like all Jellykey’s other products they certainly aren’t cheap, it’s set you back $199 for the set of five but you can pick up a single keycap from $47 if you just want a little piece of unusualness that, let’s face it, nobody you know will have.

Jellykey says (on its extremely detailed website): “The ruins of buildings that have size 1-2 mm have been poured into the molds. After becoming solidified within 8 hours in pressure pots, the castings are detached from their molds to move the design details step. In this step, the artisans will place these details on the sole of each size according to a sketch designed beforehand….. For that reason, the artisans take around 5 to 8 hours to complete every single key-cap.

Such details as highway bridges, grasses, falling buildings,…There are a key point of this step to bring a realistic art for each key-cap in Lost Cities.”

Even if things like this aren’t for you it’s great to see artistic projects like this come to the PC and real craft being on show in a market that is so dominated by mass-produced components.

Have a look at the video below to see the keycaps in more detail.