Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes coming to PC

Original Xbox game from 2005 finds its way to Steam

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A new Steam page for Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes has just popped up on Steam, with little in the way of fanfare. Developer and publisher Blueside have snuck this one out without drawing too much attention to the announcement, but fans of the series will be very pleased by this announcement.

The trailer above was taken directly from the games Steam page. To my eye, it looks like it features low-resolution footage taken from the original Xbox version back from 2005. This 15-year-old footage shows some great action, but the low resolution is obviously holding it back. Fortunately, the accompanying screenshots show a game being rendered with far more clarity, and in the description of the game there’s this detail:

“Revisit classic battlefields in widescreen HD (including ultrawide support)”

These games are action strategy games that place you on a giant battlefield full of hundreds of enemies, leading a massive army into battle. You have to balance commanding your soldiers around the battlefield, and taking on powerful enemy units directly.

This new port brings the entire Kingdom Under Fire series over to PC, except for 2007’s Circle of Doom, which remains an Xbox 360 exclusive for now. They’ve been gradually bringing the entire series over to Steam, after releasing Kingdom Under Fire 2 on Steam last year, followed by Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders back in February. Perhaps Circle of Doom will follow?

There’s no release date for this new release of Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, the Steam page just says “coming soon” for now.