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Latest Steam Deck update finally lets you see how much battery is left in your Bluetooth device

A much demanded feature has arrived!
Last Updated on May 30, 2024
Latest Steam Deck update finally lets you see how much battery is left in Bluetooth devices
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Valve recently released a new Steam Deck Beta Client update, a few days after the company released a big update for the regular version. The update aims to improve the user experience by fixing bugs and glitches that were causing various issues. It has also added a much-demanded feature that finally lets you see the battery information of connected Bluetooth devices. This feels like something that should’ve been available a while ago, better late than never we suppose.

A much-demanded feature?

Even though Steam Deck is one of the most (if not the most) popular PC gaming handhelds currently available on the market, it still lacked this useful feature. We’ve noticed many people asking Valve to let them see the battery information of their connected Bluetooth devices on Steam Deck.

And finally, through the latest update, Valve has added this feature to the Steam Deck Beta Client. What this means is that those who are using the Beta Client can now see if their connected Bluetooth device, like their headphones or game controller needs charging without connecting it to some other device.

What else do we get?

The update has also brought various other changes and improvements. For example, we can now select which devices can wake the Steam Deck from sleep. Bugs that were causing the UI to show incorrect data for Bluetooth devices and making web browsers show blank pages have also been fixed. Valve has also addressed the issue of family members’ names not appearing offline.

Here are some of the biggest changes and improvements the latest update has brought. For the complete list, you can check out the official Steam Deck Beta Client update page.

  • Show battery information for connected Bluetooth devices under Settings->Bluetooth and in the Quick Access menu.
  • Added a per-device toggle to Settings->Bluetooth that controls whether a device is allowed to wake SteamDeck from sleep.
  • Fixed comments sometimes getting lost on achievement unlock events in the app activity feed.
  • Fixed playtime limits sometimes being applied even if “set playtime limits” was not selected in the settings UI.
  • Improved Gyro To Mouse behavior when connected over Bluetooth.
  • Fixed incorrect glyphs displaying for Nintendo controllers in configurator.

If everything goes smoothly, these features and changes will soon be incorporated into the regular version. Despite only a handful of patch notes, we think this is a solid update from Valve, and it will be exciting to see what they’ll bring next.

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