Netflix Launches Watch History Alerts For Parents

Netflix to rebrand as Netmums shortly...

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Starting today, Netflix will be sending out bi-weekly emails with recommendations for kids profiles alongside viewing habits alongside a top ten list on family-based profiles.

This is the latest in a push for families wallets alongside other subscription services seeing the potential in family entertainment as a proposition for a wider subscriber base. Engadget goes into more detail below:

“The competition has also seized upon kids content as a means of attracting subscribers. Earlier this year, HBO Max ordered a raft of new Cartoon Network shows, bumping up its slate to 300 hours of children’s originals and 3,000 hours of library programming. Disney, meanwhile, has unloaded its vault of cherished family classics onto Disney+, along with Pixar exclusives and spinoffs such as Luca and Monsters at Work. Paramount+ also just announced a Fairly OddParents live-action reboot to add to its Nickelodeon line-up.”

It seems that Netflix has the edge when it comes to safeguarding and tailoring their streaming services for families, but there’s still big competition coming from Disney +. Not only do they have 50+ years of legacy content to fall back on, but new content is falling in quick and fast. Let’s hope the U.S licencing deal with Universal keeps content coming.

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