Netflix reduces European streaming quality

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As ISP’s services across the globe come in for a dramatic increase in usage due to the population working from home or self-isolating, Netflix has quickly moved to reduce the quality of the stream for its European customers for the next 30 days.

While broadband services have coped with extra demand this last week, so far things have help up, but decisions behind the scenes are taking place daily to make sure that that continues.

If you planned to try and calm down using a 4K stream of Sire David Attenborough’s soothing narration over Our Planet, you are now out of luck.

Netflix says the reduction in bit rates over the next month will reduce their data consumption by 25%. What they haven’t mentioned yet is any change to their pricing structure and whether customers paying the top tier 4k option will have their bills reduced.

As you can change your plan when you like you could always drop down to the standard HD tier and save yourself a couple of quid (the price of a pack of toilet rolls).