New Windows 10 UI teased

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As part of celebrating their crossing the landmark of a billion devices with Windows 10.  Microsoft’s Panos Panay shared this montage looking back across the history of Windows.

Starting way back with the original version of Windows, then scrolling through time as we see clips of the likes of Windows 95, 2000 and XP, then quickly skipping over the likes of Windows Vista and Windows 8, before culminating in a sneak peek of what the future may hold for Windows.

As far as we can tell, this is not a Windows 11, and Microsoft has suggested in the past that they plan to simply continue updating Windows 10 rather than have a hard version break in the future, so it’s reasonable to infer that the visual makeover we see hinted at in this montage to be a look at an aesthetic overhaul that will be coming to Windows 10 at some point in the future.

We see a redesigned start menu layout, revamped menu tiles, and a few hints of new accessibility features.

Microsoft also took this opportunity to redouble their commitment to running on ARM-based CPUs, in addition to Intel and AMD chips. Windows on ARM seems like an opportunity for broadening the range of devices Windows is available on, but it’s not yet fully delivered on the potential.

Any features you’re hoping the future holds for Windows 10?