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Newly released First Descendant crashing on high-end Intel 13900K & 14900K CPUs

First Descendant runs into some stability issues
Last Updated on July 3, 2024
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The newly released looter shooter from NEXON is quickly becoming a hit amongst fans of RPG action games. But for some users – high-end Intel CPU users – instability could be ruining the experience altogether.

First Descendants officially launched yesterday and, since its arrival, has received a mixed bag of feedback from the community. While most users are happy with the gameplay and the feel, some are experiencing frame rate drops and even crashing – with one user claiming ” I “played” The First Descedant for 34 minutes. During those 34 minutes, the game crashed seven times, with five being BSODs (system crashes) and two CTDs (crash to desktop).”.

The incident doesn’t seem to be widespread at the moment – with our in-house benchmarker being able to play the game long enough to figure out the game’s best graphical settings. That said, the developers have already issued an official statement stating they know about some of the frame rate drop problems users have been experiencing.

Intel’s 13900K and 14900K experience First Descendant crashing

One story that caught our attention comes from Hardwaretimes – who shared screenshots showing the game crashing on multiple occasions. The article discusses how this isn’t the first time they’ve experienced game instability when using the 13900K, with Unreal Engine 5 prone to frequent game crashes in the past.

(Image source: Hardwaretimes)

Screenshots also clearly show the NVIDIA LocalSystem Container crash logs – an issue that, according to the post, has been “widely confirmed to be an intel CPU-related issue wherein the processor becomes unstable due to whatever reason.”.

All being said, it’s obvious that the game is having some stability issues right now – whether it be straight-up crashing or frame rate loss during gameplay. It’s good to see the developers openly own the problems and confirm they are working on them through patch fixes.

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