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Nvidia’s next GPU might not be the flagship model, causing confusion

RTX 5090 up next? Maybe not
Last Updated on May 7, 2024
Nvidia's next GPU might not be the flagship model, causing confusion
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Anyone looking forward to the RTX 50 series release date is closer than ever, but an new interesting rumor regarding the order of release suggests that the new flagship 5090 is not first in line. This does contradict earlier reports that the RTX 5090 will be the only GPU from the series to release this year, but it looks like that speculation is being left behind.

Both the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 release dates are more than likely to be the first two arrivals from the next generation. However, unlike what we saw in the 40 series, it is now being suggested that the 5080 is being released ahead of the flagship model.

RTX 5080 reportedly releasing before the RTX 5090

TechPowerUp recently put out an article suggesting that all next-gen Nvidia graphics cards – except the flagship RTX 5090 – will be releasing in 2025. That has now been challenged by prominent leaker kopite7kimi, who fires back that the RTX 5080 should be released first in this post on X.

This has caused some confusion as to which source we should believe, but it makes more sense to us that both will launch in 2024. We should note that nothing is officially confirmed just yet, but this rumor could mean a similar pattern to the 30 series, which saw the 3080 launch just a week ahead of the 3090.

RTX 5080 rumored to release before the flagship RTX 5090
RTX 5080 rumored to release before the flagship RTX 5090, source: kopite7kimi

Are they worth waiting for?

Previously we’ve reported that both the 5090 and 4080 may arrive earlier than expected, so it makes much more sense for both of these GPUs to release this year rather than one of them be delayed to 2025. If you’re holding out a for a high-end graphics card with all the latest bells and whistles, then these are definitely worth waiting for.

We eagerly await any news Nvidia has regarding the performance of the new cards, especially following their reveal of the latest Blackwell GPU architecture in March this year.

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