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Nvidia RTX 5080 and 5090 GPUs may be arriving sooner than you think

Last Updated on April 8, 2024
Nvidia RTX 5090 graphics card against a gradient background.
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2024 is already shaping up to be a big year for new hardware releases, with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel all gearing up to launch several new products towards the tail end of the year. This time, the latest rumors have revealed that another high-profile piece of tech is set to drop, with Nvidia’s highly anticipated Blackwell RTX 5080 and 5090 GPUs allegedly arriving in Q4 2024.

That’s according to Chinese news outlet UDN (via Wccftech), which stated, “Board card manufacturers expect that Nvidia’s latest RTX 50 series graphics cards will be unveiled in the fourth quarter.” Now, for those following developments on these upcoming GPUs closely, this may not come as a surprise. After all, tech YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead previously shared similar information regarding the Nvidia RTX 50-series release date. However, since Nvidia has yet to confirm these details at the time of writing, we suggest taking it with a customary pinch of salt.

RTX 5080 and 5090 Blackwell GPU launch reportedly slated for Q4 2024

If this release date does come true (and it’s looking increasingly likely that it will), it would undoubtedly come at a much more eye-watering price tag than the current flagship RTX 4090. Since the 4090 launched back in 2022 with a whopping MSRP of $1,599, you can probably expect the upcoming Blackwell graphics cards to land somewhere around the $2000+ range. And that’s assuming you can actually get your hands on these GPUs at launch. Both the RTX 5080 and 5090 will likely sell out, which means you’ll have to shell out even more of your hard-earned cash if you buy from resellers.

But once these Blackwell graphics cards arrive, it won’t all be bad news for GPU fans. That’s because once they do, their highly capable predecessors, like the 4080 series, will surely see a price cut to entice enthusiasts into purchasing older models. Until then, make sure to check out the best GPUs in 2024 so you know which ones to get once the inevitable discounts start rolling in.

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