Report: Nvidia RTX 4000 Series GPUs Spotted Amid Internal Manufacturing Schedule

Leaker suggests when Nvidia RTX 4000 series graphics cards could potentially show up on the market

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It has been two years since the launch of Nvidia’s GeForce 30 series, making the inevitable announcement of its next line of graphics cards among the most anticipated events of the year, as the Nvidia RTX 4000 series specs are sure to be top of the line. 

PC parts enthusiasts may not have to wait too much longer, though, as Twitter user harukaze5719 points out an alleged manifest and full manufacturing schedule for what appears to be an RTX 4090.

The shared factory schedule also seems to include references to currently-existing Nvidia graphics cards, such as the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3060, specifying when manufacturing both started and ended on all listed RTX graphics cards. 

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Thus, Nvidia RTX 4000 series cards seem to have entered production on August 16th, according to harukaze5719’s leaked document. The manifest, however, does not include when these cards are slated to exit their manufacturing stage, as the dates amid the images provided are blocked out due to the way they were taken. 

Although there is no definitive Nvidia RTX 4000 announcement planned just yet, this leaked paper does seem to ensure the debut is only a short way away. Nvidia only just recently released its Q2 financial results, with several gains here and there.

The company highlights its automotive, AI, and data center businesses as being the most influential during this period, but Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang notes that September’s GTC conference will be a delight due to “new advances in RTX” being at the forefront of the event. 

The launch of Nvidia’s 3000 series graphics cards was an exciting moment in the world of PC building, as the new chipset and specs proved to be a major step up from their predecessors. The company initially launched with the RTX 3080 on Sept. 17th, following up a week later with the RTX 3090.

With the Nvidia RTX 4000 announcement on the near horizon, all eyes seemed to be now pinned on GTC 2022, set to ignite the stage with architecture, specs, and pricing for Nvidia’s next line of graphics cards come September 20th.

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