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RTX 4080 Super sees limited-time price drop to $949.99

Pick up the RTX 4080 Super from Newegg for just $949.99!
Last Updated on June 20, 2024
RTX 4080 Super sees limited-time price drop to $949.99
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The RTX 4080 Super, which launched in January 2024, is a top-notch GPU that managed to improve the specs over the original 4080 at a highly competitive price. Currently, that price is even lower with a limited-time offer at Newegg to knock that price down even further. Generally, this high-end GPU is worth $999, but thanks to a 5% offer, you can pick up the RTX 4080 Super for just $949.99.

Save $20 now!

PNY GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB VERTO Overclocked Triple Fan

Newegg is currently listing the 4080 Super for just $979.99. Already a good deal, you can grab yourself an extra $30 off that price with code: VGAEXCAB364, bringing your final total to just $949.99.

Whilst that may not seem like much, any discount is a good discount – and well worth it for this top-end GPU. Here’s a breakdown of the 4080 Super’s specs:

GPU ArchitectureAD103
VRAM16 GB GDDR6 256-bit
UpscalingDLSS 3.5
Clock Speed2.29GHz Base, 2.56GHz Boost

Boasting the latest GPU architecture and AI-powered DLSS upscaling from Nvidia, the RTS 4080 Super is a beastly GPU. With 10240 CUDA cores makes for highly competent computing of graphics, and the high clock speeds make for incredibly responsive graphical fidelity. Though the 4070 Super – released around the same time – beat it on our rankings of the best GPUs, the 4080 Super is a higher-end performance powerhouse. Especially now that the original 4080 has been made unavailable, this offer is well worth picking up if you want a next-generation graphics card.

This is the lowest possible price for a 4080 Super card at the time of writing, and there’s no information on how long this offer will last, so be sure to pick it up today!

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