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Someone made their ROG Ally play Game Boy cartridges and it’s pretty amazing

Dust off your old Game Boy games
Last Updated on June 28, 2024
Pokémon Crystal Version cartridge mounted on ASUS ROG Ally
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The ASUS ROG Ally is a powerful gaming handheld, but what if you could combine its processing muscle with the classic charm of a Game Boy? One enterprising user has done just that, modding their 3D-printed kickstand to hold a GB Operator cartridge reader.

While this sort of thing can easily be achieved via the means of an emulator, it doesn’t quite hit the same. They’ve opted for the real deal, creating a satisfyingly physical way to pop in those old Game Boy and GBA cartridges.

Pokémon Crystal Version running on ASUS ROG Ally
Pokémon Crystal Version running on ASUS ROG Ally, image source: Reddit

Game Boy on ROG Ally – how it’s made

The mod itself is a testament to creativity. The user, named Aarlker, meticulously measured the GB Operator board and used Tinkercad to create a custom slot within the stand. While the picture doesn’t show it, a discreet cable connects the Ally to the Operator, ensuring smooth gameplay.

But the functionality goes beyond just playing cartridges. This setup allows for dumping and uploading saves, giving the user complete control over their classic gaming experience. This clever mod is a great reminder that tech can be about more than just specs and features. Sometimes, it’s about the joy of tinkering and finding creative ways to relive the past.

User reaction is positive

Based on the Reddit thread, other users were impressed by the creator’s work. They found the mod to be inventive and a great way to relive the nostalgia of playing classic Game Boy games. The discussion also touched on the topic of emulation, with the creator highlighting their preference for the tactile satisfaction of using physical cartridges over emulators.

User reaction to the mod – Image Source: Reddit

While this mod is undeniably impressive and a blast from the past for the creator, it’s unlikely to spark a mass exodus from emulation. Emulation offers unmatched convenience, compatibility with a wider range of consoles, and the ability to play without physical cartridges. However, this project serves as a fantastic source of inspiration for other tinkerers and ROG Ally owners. It showcases the real possibilities of customizing your tech. Plus, we all love something retro – and nostalgic.

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