Sony reveals the DualSense controller for PS5

Sony reveals the DualSense controller for PS5

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After many eager PlayStation fans were left a little deflated from their incredibly tech-heavy live stream detailing specs for the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5), Sony has finally pulled back the curtain on more PS5 info. This time, we get to take a look at the potentially revolutionary controller.


Named the DualSense, while also departing from the traditional DualShock label, it has been seemingly redesigned from the ground up, making room for some interesting new features. The first of those new features is the previously announced haptic feedback triggers. Essentially, this new technology adjusts the resistance of the triggers depending on what’s happening gameplay-wise in an effort to create a more life-like experience. Next on the list is the inclusion of a built-in controller microphone. A somewhat strange addition as no one has been screaming out for a feature like this, but it could enable developers to incorporate innovative ideas into their games, similar to that of Death Stranding’s BB crying through the DualShock 4’s speaker. Last, but no means least, is the USB-C port. Contrary to the microphone, the majority of DualShock 4 users will be more than happy with this change. USB-C brings more reliability, better build quality, and just that updated feel the next generation of consoles need.

Moving to the new body design, it’s clear to see Sony have taken a leaf out of Microsoft’s book for the DualSense. It looks a lot more like the rounded shape of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers, maybe in an effort to give users a little more comfortability that previous generations had been lacking. Additionally, it’s hard to miss the radical change in color. Usually, you’d be getting a sleek black controller, with other color variants offered as special editions, but this time Sony has actually reversed that, providing a two-tone white and black color scheme, similar to that of the PS VR. The share button has also had a little tweak, renamed to the ‘create’ button which will seemingly give users a little more functionality than just sharing gameplay clips. Similarly, the PlayStation button has had a slight redesign, being a cut-out version of the logo rather than a round button. Everything else, however, is looking pretty similar. The D-pad and classic PlayStation buttons use the same parallel design and the analog sticks are where you’d expect them to be. The touch bar also makes a return, with a very slight adjustment to the lightbar.


All in all, the PS5 DualSense controller, while taking inspiration from the Xbox Series X in terms of body design, still has the PlayStation feel and the interesting additions of haptic feedback triggers and microphone will open up opportunities for developers to get creative. We hope Sony reveals new PS5 details in the near future and we get to see what the next-gen machine looks like!

What do you think? Are you liking the look of the DualSense controller? Or do you prefer the design of the DualShock? Let us know!