Stock for RTX 40 series GPUs could be about to decline rapidly as Nvidia prepares for RTX 50 series

GeForce RTX 40 series stock is going down.

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It may soon be much more difficult to get your hands on the GeForce RTX 40 series. A recent rumor has been spreading, which states that Nvidia is limiting the supply of the RTX 40 series. Why are they doing this? To make room for the new GeForce RTX 50 series that will soon be on its way.

The leak comes from QuasarZone, which says that Nvidia is letting partners know about limited shipments for the RTX 40 series according to industry experts. This is to push the latest series of graphics cards, the new RTX 50 series, to the forefront. These limited shipments would mean a big decline in the stock of the RTX 40 series, including the powerful RTX 4090. The price point is still expected to remain for the 40 series, though. However, the APAC region is already seeing declining prices, and those could come to the US market.

RTX 40 series is about to get much harder to find as RTX 50 series is on its way

The RTX 40 series, using the Ada Lovelace architecture, is currently the flagship GPU series for Nvidia. However, the company has been working on the Blackwell architecture for a while now. While currently the Blackwell B200 chip is not meant for gamers, this architecture is planning to make its way over to the GeForce series. This will introduce a powerful line of graphics cards that gamers will be eager to test out.

But, according to the industry expert QuasarZone spoke to, the response to the RTX 40 Super lineup has been lukewarm. It could be that Nvidia is eager to push aside the GeForce 40 series due to this response. If the RTX 40 Super series isn’t getting as much hype as Nvidia hoped, then it would make sense they would want to move away quickly from the lineup.

This decline in stock could make it harder to get the GeForce RTX 40 series if you’re still in the market for one. It’s best to keep your eyes peeled in the next few months for prices dropping on the series since Nvidia is trying to get them out of the way. You may not have forever to do so.

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