The iPhone 15 could have one major flaw – despite its cutting-edge Titanium frame

A person is holding a cutting-edge iPhone 11 in front of a white wall.

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The iPhone 15 could have a surprising flaw – despite being crafted from cutting-edge titanium. The Pro Max variant could be unexpectedly easy to break. This revelation contradicts common expectations, as the iPhone 15 Pro boasts the same titanium alloy utilized in spacecraft missions to Mars, renowned for its strength and lightweight properties.

I have a background in engineering, so have spotted a couple of potential issues that nod to an unexpected fragility of the supposedly robust iPhone 15.

Glass is always breaking

Securing the first spot on the list is the aspect of strength. The grade 5 titanium employed in the iPhone 15 Pro boasts three times more “tensile strength” than the older aluminum counterpart. While this makes the titanium more resilient to stress, it does not necessarily translate to increased durability for the glass components of the phone, leaving users surprised at the unexpected vulnerability.

Titanium isn’t as elastic as other metals

The second factor contributing to the iPhone 15’s susceptibility to breakage is its elasticity. Despite titanium’s strength, it possesses only half the elasticity compared to the previous material. This means that while titanium can stretch and return to its original shape, the inherent rigidity of glass does not allow for such flexibility, making it prone to fractures upon impact.

It’s almost like Apple knew this would happen

Taking the top spot is the element of coincidence. The iPhone 15 is the first in the lineup to feature easily replaceable back glass. Apple offers a convenient solution, allowing users to obtain a new glass panel for just $200. While this may alleviate the financial burden of repairs, it highlights a design compromise that contradicts the initial promise of a nearly indestructible titanium exterior.

Despite the drawbacks, the unexpected fragility of the iPhone 15 doesn’t negate its overall appeal. The device, with its advanced features and cutting-edge materials, remains a coveted piece of technology. However, users are urged to exercise caution, considering the seemingly paradoxical combination of titanium strength and glass vulnerability. As technology continues to advance, the iPhone 15 stands as a testament to the delicate balance between innovation and the real-world demands of everyday users.

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