The PCGuide Weekly Roundup – July 5th

A look back at the top PCGuide articles from this week

The PCGuide Weekly Roundup – July 5th

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Another week has gone by and that means it’s time for the PCGuide weekly roundup. As usual, there has been a bunch of tech industry news this week ranging from Facebook closing a number of its apps to the release of X-ray wallpapers that let you ‘see’ inside your Microsoft Surface device.

Looking initially at the Facebook news that’s come out of this week, we can see that they’ve been extremely busy both shuttering some products, while also showing us the future they’re heading in.

They’ve announced that internally created Hobbi and Lasso, Pinterest and TikTok alternatives, are to be closed with almost immediate effect both shutting their doors before the month is out. This is likely down to two reasons. One is that they’re just not getting the traction they had hoped for with Hobbi, while only launching in February, is currently sitting around 7,000 US downloads. The second reason is probably due to the poor feedback they have been receiving on these apps again with Hobbi achieving a measly two stars on the App Store. It might be time for the New Product Experimentation Team over at Facebook to head back to the drawing board. There has, however, been some interesting VR news out of Facebook with them detailing that they’re putting a big effort behind the creation of VR glasses, a smaller and more lightweight version of the VR headsets you see today. Certainly exciting and something to look forward to if they make it into production.

In other tech-related news, we saw the release of X-Ray wallpapers the let you ‘see’ inside your Surface device, Waze redesigning their app with a bunch of new colors, and the biggest story being Microsoft shutting all of its physical stores to focus on a solely digital presence.

As always, we’ve also published a number of guides both in terms of how-tos and helping you to buy some top tech. We looked at a whole host of Windows errors, as alluded to in our previous weekly update, including error 0x80070005, error 0x80070002, and error 0xc1900223 in an effort get your PC back up and running perfectly. We’ve also tried to help those of you with corrupted SD cards by providing you with some top tips on how to recover your data or simply uncorrupt your external storage. If you’re having trouble with your home network, we similarly produced a guide for that, almost ensuring that you’ll never have a dropped connection again!

In terms of buying guides, we put a heavy focus on you who are celebrating July 4th with a tech checklist. This list provides you with the top devices you can utilize in your parties such as Bluetooth speakers, projectors, and some great lighting solutions all enhancing your day/night celebrations.

We hope you enjoyed all of the articles we published this week and be sure to check back next week with a bunch of interesting news stories as well as some hint and tips to help you out with your technology!