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This new LG G4 OLED TV bundle looks too good to be true – because it is

Watch out while shopping for the new LG G4 OLED TV!
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
This new LG G4 OLED TV bundle looks too good to be true - because it is
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We’re safely past the LG G4 OLED TV launch now, and you can figure out where to buy one here. Many people have been looking to upgrade to what we can only call one of the best OLED TVs this year. However, you may want to be careful before you order as we’ve spotted an oddity on Amazon that makes a bundle deal seem much better than it really is.

Reddit user u/Individual_Praline_9 recently posted on the LG OLED subreddit claiming to find a real bargain on the flagship 97-inch LG G4, but with some closer inspection, there is a mistake in the Amazon listing. So, we thought it would be a good idea to warn you about this to prevent any potential disappointment.


Amazon lists deceiving LG G4 OLED TV bundle for cheap

The original Reddit post spotted a bundle deal going for $7,999.99, which supposedly includes the 97-inch G4 plus a soundbar. Considering that the gigantic 97″ G4 OLED alone should retail for $24,999.99 according to the LG store, you can see why our suspicions were raised. The culprit seems to be this specific package, among others, which has been incorrectly listed.

We found a similar bundle advertised to feature the 97″ G4 and a LG 3.1 channel sound bar for $3,399.98. This is of course a price tag which sounds too good to be true, and under closer inspection, you’ll find that this bundle actually features the smallest 55-inch G4 and accompanying soundbar. With that in mind, be sure to scroll down and check the contents of the bundle to make sure you’re actually getting what is advertised at the top of the Amazon listing – as the images below demonstrate.

We should say that Amazon is a great place to pick up the new LG G4 OLED TV, but you do have to be a little bit wary of mistakes like this. That being said, we like to think that most of you will do some close examining when purchasing such a high-ticket item.

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