The Tile Ultra Outclasses AirTags With AR Tracking

Ultra wide band augmented reality tracking coming to iOS and Android

Tile Ultra

These days, we can buy Tiles, AirTags, and SmartTag Plus to locate our car keys, remote, and more with handheld and other Android and iOS/PadOS powered devices. The main issue here is that the tracking hasn’t managed pinpoint accuracy before. Well, that’s until the Tile Ultra was announced for early 2022.

Tile has officially announced its first ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking tag in the Tile Ultra, the first tracking tag to achieve such features on iOS and Android devices. The Tile Ultra sports a brand new rounded-look alongside a built-in key-ring, guess what that’s for?

The Tile Ultra – How It Works

All tile products use their built-in Bluetooth radios to bounce off Tile’s device network to give rough locations of whatever the tile is stuck to. But now, the Tile Ultras UWB radio offers higher accuracy and allows for augmented reality location experiences that literally point you in the right direction, even if it’s under something or obscured from view.

if you’re itching to get hold of Tile products now, they have refreshed their Mate, Pro, Sticker, And Slim tracker lines with improved water resistance, better range, and louder volume. In a modernization of the business, all Tiles are getting a rounded and sleek look to appeal to buyers in the current market. Although a lot of the changes are welcome, the new three-year battery is non-replaceable, making for some awkward trade-offs too.

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