Twitter Ticketed Spaces: What is it and when can you use it?

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For years we have heard that Twitter is worth billions of dollars, yet it’s always struggled to actually make any money. Anyway, Jack and the gang have been working on fixing that up and have no announced Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces, which is a paid-for service that will allow users to sell tickets at certain spaces for actually real-life magic beans, which of course Twitter will slice a percentage off.

Now, while you won’t be selling many tickets to conversations with you and your friends any time soon if you work for an organization that would benefit from the likes of hosting online round-tables and the like, this could become a decent income stream. For example, I used to work for a sports team that could quite easily offer up interviews with star plays and the like.

Charities might also sell tickets to virtual events and so forth. It actually has a lot of exciting potential as long as you have an audience waiting to drink in your content.

Back in December Twitter opened sign-up to Spaces with those with more than 600 followers and now it seems Ticketed Spaces is the evolution and it’s almost ready for prime time.

Your name’s not down you’re not coming into this Ticketed Space

With Ticketed Spaces you can limit the size of the audience to those with tickets (obvs) and hosts can set any price they choose with Twitter scraping 20% of the cost into their bank account.

The Spaces feature, an obvious rival to Clubhouse has been pretty popular during its short life so it makes sense that events with a level of exclusivity are where it’s heading.

There is no date for launch yet but those in the know, (yes us), expect it to land pretty quickly from here on in as Twitter won’t sit on a potential cash cow for too long.

More as we get closer to launch.

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