Want to know how they make that shiny new CPU you have just bought?

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You know how it goes. We buy the parts; we put them in a new build; we play games, make videos, edit photos. We buy new parts. We put the old ones in a drawer and forget about them. We never really know how they work or indeed, the ridiculous technology that goes into making them.

Well, Intel has just released a four-minute-long documentary – From Sand to Silicon showing how they knock up their latest 10nm processor.

It’s a fascinating watch even for non-nerds and will help to give you an insight into the incredible stage of human technology we are currently witnessing. It will be fascinating to bookmark this and revisit it in a decade or so when it will doubtless be the equivalent of an old Beta Max videotape. Exciting times my friends.

If all that seems a bit over your head, they also released another, more consumer-friendly video that explains some of the processes in simpler terms.