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“We need Once Human!” – GeForce Now fans get their wish as Once Human finally hits the service

Once Human hits GeForce Now
Last Updated on July 11, 2024
"We need Once Human!" - GeForce Now fans get their wish as Once Human finally hits the service
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Yes, Once Human appears to have finally hit GeForce Now, much to the joy of fans on Reddit – who had appeared restless earlier in the day. Once Human was released worldwide on July 9, but it was a little late arriving on Nvidia’s digital PC game store. The service typically eliminates the often-dreaded download wait, which is especially beneficial for those with less-than-stellar internet speeds. Once Human’s addition to GeForce Now is a big deal considering the immense hype surrounding the title that had been building for months.

Fans on Reddit unimpressed over Once Human delay – Image Source: Reddit

Once Human finally hits GeForce Now

Fans online were less than impressed with having to wait an additional few hours for the game to drop, especially since it hit the Steam Store bang on time. Those familiar with GeForce Now will be aware that games are regularly released a couple of hours late on the service. The reason behind this common delay has never been confirmed but it is speculated to be one of a few reasons.

Firstly, developer integration could be a reason. GeForce Now relies on developers to integrate their games with the service. This might involve testing and optimization to ensure the game runs smoothly on Nvidia’s servers. While some developers might be quick with this process, others may take some extra time. Secondly, not all games are the same. Some titles might require specific software or online components that need to be configured for GeForce Now. Lastly, there might be some last-minute negotiations between Nvidia and the developer to secure the rights to stream the game on GeForce Now. These agreements can take time to finalize, potentially pushing back the availability on the platform.

Despite large amounts of hype for the game, Once Human debuted to mixed reviews from critics and fans alike – with many sighting network problems and crashes on their first day of gameplay. Launch days can be a bumpy ride for enthusiastic gamers. Network errors and crashes are unfortunately common when a highly anticipated title debuts. This surge in players trying to access the game simultaneously can overwhelm the servers, leading to connection issues. Complex games often have unforeseen bugs or glitches that slip through testing and cause crashes. Thankfully, developers typically work hard after launch to address these problems. By releasing patches and fixes, they tend to iron out the wrinkles reasonably quickly.

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