Free European World Add-on For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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One of the most popular pages here on a PC guide over the past year has featured several free addons on the amazing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It seems PC pilots can’t get enough of landmarks and addons for the real-world aircraft sim.

Microsoft themselves have continued to busily keep adding new content into the environment in the shape of World Updates which have taken large sections of the globe and upgraded what came initially.

We have had a Japanese, and the USA, and the UK update so far and now, they have released World Update IV covering major European destinations such as France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Third-party devs and general users have been filling the void with stuff like the Eiffel Tower for many months, but now the official update should render a lot of that moot.

The update includes

  • Improved digital elevation data and aerial imagery for France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
  • High-resolution 3D photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam
  • Three hand-crafted airports with Megève, Nice, and Rotterdam
  • Improvements to 100 other airports in the surrounding area
  • Custom treatment for over 100 landmarks
  • Two new activities
    • Landing Challenge at La Salette
    • Bush Trip into the heights of the Pyrenees and the Alps

To obtain it, just like the others you need to head into the Content Marketplace and download it from there, it won’t be automatically pushed to you upon launch, so make sure you have the required storage space for yet another large addon.

Upon looking the other day, my Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 folder is now taking up to close on 200GB, a sizeable chunk of my SSD so it’s definitely something to look out for.