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You don’t need to upgrade to the Ryzen 9000 series for gaming if you already own a 7000X3D processor

You're better off with a Ryzen 7000X3D processor for now
Last Updated on June 12, 2024
Ryzen 7800X3D CPU resting on top of packaging, image by PCGuide
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The Ryzen 9000 series processors are expected to launch next month, and AMD fans can not wait for them to arrive. These new processors are expected to offer significantly better performance compared to the previous generation. However, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, it has been confirmed that the upcoming 9000 series won’t surpass the previous generation’s X3D models in gaming performance.

Ryzen 7000X3D processors are still ‘king of the hill’

X3D stands for Extended 3D Technology, which is found in several AMD CPUs. AMD uses this technology to increase the amount of L3 cache on the chips – triple the amount to be exact. And what does this lead to? Better performance in CPU-intensive applications. When it comes to gaming, X3D processors can help provide detailed visuals and greater levels of detail. And now, a recent statement from AMD’s Senior Technical Marketing Manager of Consumer Processors, Donny Woligroski, confirms that for gaming, there is nothing better than X3D processors. Not even the upcoming Ryzen 9000 series processors.

The Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor
The Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor (Image credits: PCGuide.com)

When asked by TomsHardware if the 9950X is going to be the fastest gaming chip on the market, Woligroski claimed that it is faster than the competition in their tests, but the X3D is still the best. He even went on to add that the 7800X3D processor would be faster than the upcoming 9700X processor.

“Is it the fastest in gaming? It’s faster than the competition in our tests. X3D is still the king of the hill, but by a much smaller margin than typically between X3D and non-X3D.” He continued, “So a 7800X3D would, yes, be faster than 9700X, but maybe not by as much as you would expect.”

Donny Woligroski

The Ryzen 7 7800X3D is one of the best CPUs we have reviewed so far. In our tests, we found that it can easily push through intense gaming workloads. While it is not the very best processor for productivity tasks, it is a top-tier choice for gaming. However, it’s interesting to see that it is better than even some of the next-generation processors.

Improvements to the next-gen X3D chips

It is important to keep in mind that Woligroski also mentioned that they’ve improved the 3D V-Cache on the next generation of X3D chips, which are rumored to arrive in September this year. “And then when it comes to X3D, and I’ll just get around that now, we’re super committed to X3D. In fact, we have some really, really cool updates to X3D coming. So we’re working on iterating and not just rehashing it,” said Woligroski.

He didn’t reveal the exact specifications of the Ryzen 9000X3D processors, so we’ll have to wait some more time for that. In any case, AMD is surely planning to make the next X3D CPUs even better than the previous ones.

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