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Office 2021 key: where to buy, how to save and deals

You may think that Microsoft is the only place to buy an Office 2021 key. Thankfully, if you’re looking to purchase the application suite, there are websites where you can get legitimate license keys for a fraction of the cost

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Office 2021 Key
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An Office 2021 key is needed to activate Microsoft Office 2021. An activated version of the suite is essential to get the free periodic updates released by Microsoft, that include new features and bug fixes. The cost of the activation key on the official store is very high, but there are reliable online retailers where you can buy it safely, saving a lot of money.

Office 2021 Key: how to use

You can’t do without an Office 2021 key after installing an Office suite. Software companies use license keys to make sure that their product has been purchased legitimately. When you buy a license for software, like Microsoft Office, you’ll be given a license key that will be a string of numbers. Once installed, you’ll be asked to enter the key and then you’ll be able to use the product!

Office 2021 Key: today’s hot deal

Here are some of the best offers for Office 2021 we’ve found. Why not check these out, rather than the Microsoft Store? You could save hundreds.

Office 2021 key on Mr Key Shop

Office 2021 Professional Plus key

The Office Professional Plus 2021 key gives you access to Microsoft’s complete package from the ‘2021’ range of products. It includes updated versions of classic programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but also features software you might not know you needed.

For those who are tired of designing posters or flyers for social media on PowerPoint, using outdated WordArt and stock images, Publisher is perfect for you. While PowerPoint’s focus is slideshow presentations, Publisher is solely for design purposes. With high-quality templates and intuitive features, Publisher is perfect for those who want their designs to look professional and stand out.

In any business, data management is crucial. That’s why Microsoft created Access, a Database Management Tool (DBMT), that simplifies the process so anyone can do it. Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus also includes security measures with different user access levels to ensure your data is kept safe.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 key

With the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 key you can activate the version of the Office 2021 suite which doesn’t feature advanced software such as Publisher or Access, but still includes lesser-known features of Office, like Outlook and OneNote.

Outlook is similar to other ‘email clients’ such as Gmail or Apple Mail. However, with Outlook there is also a work organization focus. This features event management, which will improve how you use your online calendar, contact management, which provides a more in-depth version of an address book, and a ‘to-do list’ function that helps with task management.

The other program featured by Office Home and Business 2021 is OneNote. This software was created for those who were using Word or other word processors to take notes but felt restricted by the formatting. With OneNote, you can add photos, link websites, write wherever and draw on the page, like an online version of a notebook.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 key

Use a Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 key to use the Office 2021 version designed primarily for students, featuring Microsoft’s best-known programs: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. With these three programs, Office Home and Student 2021 makes you able to submit professional documents for your business work or college assignments. While you may think you’ll only need one of the programs, having all three will allow you to be sure that you’ll be prepared for every assignment that comes your way, whether it’s writing essays, giving presentations, or entering data.

Microsoft Office Key

Office 2021 for Mac product key

If you are a Mac user you need the specific ‘Office 2021 for Mac product key’. You can buy Microsoft Office for Mac and there are still great discounts from Keyshops. While the software may not be identical, Microsoft has worked hard to make them as similar as possible.

Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 lifetime license

Get a Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 lifetime license for the Mac version of Home & Business, which features the same products as the Windows version. With some software that has a Mac and Windows version, the files used to share documents aren’t cross-compatible. This means that if you use a Mac and want to send a file to someone with a Windows OS, they cannot edit the file. Thankfully Microsoft ensured that cross-compatibility is possible with Office 2021 for Mac, meaning that sharing Office files to computers that use Windows is possible without any issue.

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student for Mac activation code

As with the Mac version of Home & Business, by getting a Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student for Mac activation code you will have complete access to the Mac version of Home and Student, practically identical to the PC version. It also features cross-compatibility, so you don’t have to worry about opening a Word document from a classmate who uses a Windows computer.

Where to buy Microsoft Office 2021 key

Although you may think the only place to buy a Microsoft Office 2021 key is from the Microsoft store, other shops sell identical licenses for a fraction of the cost. Websites like Mr Key Shop or Keycense offer discounted licenses for all of the products listed in this article. Together with the Microsoft Office deals, you can find other software like Antivirus for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, the Windows 11 Pro license and the Windows 10 Pro key, the subscription version of Office, Microsoft 365, and many more. 

On Mr Key Shop you can also buy Windows operating systems, the best antivirus and VPN app, the best backup software, Windows Server, and other Microsoft Server products.

Microsoft Office Key

Besides Office packages, on Keycence’s catalog you can choose an operating system, a Microsoft Office key, a VPN or antivirus software.

Both of the shops offer very advantageous conditions: immediate delivery by email, instructions making you independent in installing and activating the software, a full money-back guarantee, and professional customer services offering free technical assistance in English. While Keycense is a rising platform making inroads into the industry, Mr Key Shop already has an excellent reputation online, with over 2,500 excellent reviews on TrustPilot.

Office 2021 system requirements

Office 2021 system requirements are something you need to take care of before purchasing Office 2021. Before buying any software it’s important to check if the computer, laptop, tablet, or other product has the capability to run it. While terms like RAM, Processor or Graphics Card may seem daunting, the general rule is that if the product you have was released after the software was released, you’ll usually be in the clear. However, it’s always good to be sure. 

According to Microsoft, Office 2021 can run on 32-bit or 64-bit systems. For Mac and Windows, 4GB of RAM is required. For Windows 4GB  of disk space must be available, whereas 10GB has to be available for Mac. The display has to have a minimum of 1280×768 for Windows and 1280×800 for Mac. You must have Windows 10 or 11, or one of the three most recent versions of MacOS. Finally, your computer’s graphics hardware acceleration requires DirextX9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher.

If you’re unsure what any of these terms mean, ask a friend or family member, otherwise, Google can help.

Microsoft Office 2021 download

Once you’ve purchased Office 2021 you’ll need to download the software. If you got it from the official store you’ll have to create a Microsoft account, if you haven’t already, and then follow the steps on Microsoft’s account. Buying your digital license from resellers like Keycense or Mr Key Shop, seconds after purchasing you will get an email also including the secure download link, the instructions for an easy installation, and contacts to get free technical assistance in case of need.

Microsoft Office 2021 free download (without product key). Is it possible?

A Microsoft Office 2021 free download is possible only by getting an unauthorized version. This is not only illegal but also puts your device’s hardware at risk and exposes you to the danger of downloading viruses or software counterfeit to steal data and payment details. 

The Microsoft 365 version of the software is also available for free download, but at the end of the 30-day trial period you’ll be asked to activate the subscription, a much more expensive option, in the long run, than a Microsoft Office lifetime license. You can also download Microsoft Office for free, actually, but you won’t be able to use it after installing. This is because once you install and open the software you’ll be asked to enter your product key, which is only provided when you purchase the license.

Microsoft Office lifetime license
Microsoft Office 2021 installation screen prompting for an Office key.

Install Office 2021 and activate it

Once the software has been downloaded, install Office 2021 by opening the file and following the instructions presented by the program. Activation is then achieved by entering the product code when prompted.

How to find Microsoft Office product key

You may need to find your Microsoft Office product key, for example, to reinstall and activate Office 2021 after formatting your computer for an upgrade or after replacing it – something that a Microsoft Office lifetime license allows you to do. 

There are several ways to do that, some of which are actually a bit complex for those without computer skills (for example, search for it via the registry editor). Purchasing Office 2021 from resellers who use digital delivery, as both Mr Key Shop and Keycense do, makes everything easier: just keep the delivery email aside to always have the activation code at hand.


Overall, using websites like Mr Key Shop or Keycense is a great way to grab the best Microsoft Office deals and save money, making your life easier if you are looking to purchase Office 2021. Keep an eye on prices, and keep checking back for the latest discounts and price changes, especially during events like Black Friday

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