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Best Shredder Under $100: Top Budget Shredder Picks in 2024

Grab the best budget shredder with our comprehensive guide!
Last Updated on February 8, 2024
Best Shredder Under $100

Thanks to the breadth and depth of the market, there are plenty of options for the best shredder under $100. Paper shredders are available at a wide range of prices, whilst still including quality features such as large sheet capacities or anti-jamming technology. But with so many choices, it can be hard to find the best one.

That’s where we come in: we’ve put together a buyer’s guide featuring the best paper shredders on the market, so you can maximize efficiency in your home or office – no matter the size. So whether you’re a small business looking to safely dispose of a client’s personal data or a household getting rid of useless documents, you’ll be sure to find the right shredder for your needs here!

Products at a Glance

How We Picked the Best Shredder Under $100

Buying a shredder at a low price shouldn’t necessarily mean compromising quality. To prove this point, we included durable shredders with convenient features, like compatibility with credit cards and CDs, anti-jamming systems, and automatic shut-downs. On top of that, we tried to satisfy every need by including shredders with different sheet capacities and cutting mechanisms. Whether you’re looking for a micro-cut, cross-cut, or strip-cut shredder, you’ll find it here!

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  • Safety features
  • High productivity
  • Noisy

The Aurora AU820MA is the best choice for people seeking secure shredding of sensitive documents. With its micro-cutting capability, it can transform your documents into unreadable confetti-like pieces.

A noteworthy feature of this shredder is its inclusion of Aurora’s ShredSafe technology: automated sensors detect and automatically turn off the shredder if a hand comes near the opening. The AU820MA also has LED indicators to warn you in case of overheating, overloading, or misalignment so that you can quickly correct any errors. For better productivity, the AU820MA can work continuously for 5 minutes before requiring a break, during which you can shred a large volume of sensitive documents.

That said, the one thing holding the AU820MA back is the noise it makes during operation: we definitely don’t recommend this as a shredder for home if your acoustics aren’t good. For any other applications, however, the AU820MA is still the best shredder under $100!

  • P-4 rated
  • Large wastebin
  • Prone to jamming and overheating

Next up, we have the Bonsaii C275-A: a productivity powerhouse capable of large volumes of shredding at a low overall price. A cross-cutting shredder with a patented cooling system, the sheer amount of shredding this unit is capable of makes it worth the sub-$100 price.

On it’s highest duty cycle, the shredder can run continuously for five minutes before needing to cool down. Whilst that doesn’t sound like long, the 12-sheet capacity and large wastebin means that you can optimize that time for huge quantities of shredding. With a P-4 security rating, documents are rendered illegible – ideal for personal data disposal. With automated start-stop features, overheating protection and paper jam detection; there’s a great deal packed into this compact and budget-friendly shredder.

However, automated overheating and jam detection are so welcome as jams and overheating are so frequent. The C275-A is capable of large-volume shredding, but can struggle with it – needing around 40 minutes to cool down. If you’re careful with how heavily you use it, it is still the best shredder under $100 for large quantities of paper shredding.

  • Quiet running
  • P-4 security rating
  • Requires regular maintenance

We included Bonsen’s S3102 among our best office shredders, and its sibling the S3201 is a strong contender at a fraction of the price. Boasting a 10-sheet capacity and made from premium quality ABS plastics, there’s a great deal of quality packed into this budget shredder.

The Bonsen shredder offers a powerful cross-cut capability that transforms documents into tiny strips of paper measuring 5 x 18 mm. This equates to a P-4 security rating, for secure document disposal. On top of intuitive LED readouts and overheating protection, the standout feature of this shredder is its quiet running. With barely a vibration heard during standard loads, this makes for smooth and near-silent shredding.  The S3201 can take up to 10 sheets at once; along with shredding credit cards, junk mail, staples, and paper clips safely.

There is a catch, though: to keep that level of shredding quality, the S3201 requires hands-on lubrication and maintenance regularly. Whilst it isn’t deal-breaking, it is more time and effort dedicated to the shredder than we’d like. For under $100 with change, however, we still recommend the S3201 as a top shredder!

  • Highly affordable
  • Multimedia shredding
  • Manual elements
  • Low security rating

Woolsche’s 10-sheet SD108P shredder is another versatile budget pick: one of the cheapest shredders on the market, this barebones unit is ideal for mid-range home use. It’s equipped with a US-patented blade that lengthens its lifespan and minimizes the risk of paper jams, making for more productivity and smoother operation.

You can use the SD108P for shredding junk mail, CDs or credit cards; should you need to. With standard paper, the shredder takes 10 sheets at a time, and you don’t need to remove the paper clips and staples beforehand. The wastebin comes with a transparent window, so you know when to empty it. 

There are some drawbacks to this shredder under $100, however: the security rating is a paltry P-2, meaning that documents aren’t cut thin enough to be rendered inert. Similarly, though the risk of jamming is minimal, there’s no automated detection – you’ll have to manually unblock the shredder. Other than these flaws, the SD108P is still a versatile shredding solution for anyone on a budget!

  • P-3 security rating
  • Multiple variants available
  • Poor efficiency

Finally, we have Amazon’s own-brand range of Micro-Cut shredders. With a range of shredders under $100, you’ll be able to tailor from a selection of different quantities and quality levels to ensure you find the optimum unit for your needs.

Even the lowest tier of shredder still has a P-3 security rating, making for secure document disposal. It’s also easily moved around, with a convenient carry handle and wheels to allow easy repositioning in an office or home. It also weighs less than 10 pounds, so you can move it anywhere without it straining. The base shredder can take up to 8 sheets of paper at once, and it deals with staples and paper clips so that you don’t need to remove them beforehand. To take this amount of paper, it has an 8.7-inch entry, along with a dedicated slot for credit cards.

However, the short runtime and contrastingly long cooldown make these shredder units inefficient for heavy-duty loads. If the tradeoff between convenience and affordability is sufficient for your needs, then the Amazon Basics range are great choices!

Features and Considerations

If you’re looking at another contender for the best shredder under $100, here are some things to consider:

Sheet Capacity

The most important feature of a paper shredder, no matter what its price is, is its maximum sheet capacity. Standard and heavy-duty shredders have a wide range of capacities that go all the way from 6 sheets to 300 sheets or more. However, at the sub-$100 mark, you’ll find capacities from 6 sheets to 12 sheets, with a few rare exceptions. If your use is mild, you can settle for 6 or 8 sheets, but if you shred a large volume of documents, you should look for 10 or 12 sheets.

Runtime and Cool-Down Time

Affordable paper shredders run for a range of 3-5 minutes before needing a break, which is short but enough for mild home office use. That said, shredders are fast, so a minute can make all the difference. Before buying a shredder, you should check its runtime and choose according to your needs. Another similar feature you need to check is the cool-down time the shredder requires before working again. Shredders at this price point typically require 20-60 minutes, with the lower side of the range being more convenient for many.

Security Level

Paper shredders have various security levels, which are decided by their cutting methods. The three famous cutting methods are strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut. Strip-cutting gives you the lowest security level because it gives you large strips of paper with readable information.

After that comes the cross-cutting mechanism, which is mid-security. Micro-cutting gives you the highest security level because it transforms paper into confetti-like pieces with no readable information whatsoever. Ideally, you should choose a security level depending on the type of documents you deal with. If you shred sensitive documents with confidential information, you should settle on cross-cutting or micro-cutting. On the other hand, if you shred normal documents, you can go with strip-cutting, which is the most affordable of the three.

Wastebasket Capacity

Choosing the right wastebasket size can make a large difference in your shredding experience. Their sizes range from 3 to 6 gallons at this price point, and the larger bin you get, the less frequent emptying you’ll have to do. In the end, the choice depends on your shredding volume and whether you’re willing to pay more money for a larger wastebasket or not.

Safety Features

If you plan on putting the paper shredder at home, you should prioritize getting one with safety features. A famous example is movement sensors that shut the device off automatically whenever a hand comes near the sharp opening. Another is automatic overheating protection: which keeps the motor safe and cool if you forget the shredder running for a long time. Finally, some shredders have safety mechanisms tied to the wastebasket. This feature causes the shredder to stop working if the wastebasket is full or if it’s wrongly installed.

How do I clean my shredder?

To maintain your paper shredder and prolong its lifespan, you should lubricate it regularly using manufacturer-approved oil, empty the wastebasket whenever needed, and abide by the maximum sheet capacity to avoid paper jams.

How often should I clean my shredder?

2-6 weeks: If you use it occasionally at home, you should lubricate it every 4-6 weeks. For mid and hectic office use, you should lubricate it every 2-4 weeks.

Our Verdict

It can run a little on the loud side, but the Aurora AU820MA is still the best shredder under $100! Safe to use and even more productive, this is a great value purchase for any home or office!

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