Brightstar remote codes – TV programming explained

We take a look at Brightstar remote codes and how to use them to connect to your TV

Brightstar remote code - featured image with LG TV

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Struggling to control multiple devices with different remotes? Brightstar remote codes may well be the solution you’ve been searching for. This guide aims to explain how to use Brightstar remote codes to connect to your TV – allowing you to get back to enjoying it. A Brightstar remote code will bridge the gap between multiple devices and a Brightstar universal control, offering a streamlined approach to managing your entertainment experience.

Whether you’re looking to integrate your latest Smart TV, DVD player, or your entire home theater system, understanding and utilizing Brightstar remote codes can transform your interaction with technology, bringing about a seamless and intuitive control system right at your fingertips. This guide not only walks you through the process of programming your Brightstar remote but also delves into why this solution can help you keep your devices working.

If your TV isn’t working at all, it may be there’s something wrong with it – for example the Samsung TV black screen of death – and you may need to consult the manufacturer. Should you be considering a new TV, check out our round-up of the best 43-inch TVs, or the best 55-inch TVs.

Brightstar remote codes for TVs

607201 301303158617
608111 302302230619
802909 303078617 
042919 056906800 
Brightstar remote codes for TVs

If the above table doesn’t include a Brightstar remote code column for your specific TV make, you can get a list with more codes for additional brands from a Brightstar PDF hosted by Clean Remote. Below we’ll show you how to put those codes to use and to program them to use with your Brightstar remote.

Programming Brightstar remote codes: step-by-step guide



Power up your device

Turn on the device you want to program with the remote. Ensure your remote has working batteries to avoid interruptions during programming.



Gather your codes

Note down all the Brightstar codes for your device’s brand. Having these codes ready streamlines the programming process.



Aim and set

Point your remote towards the device. Press and hold the SETUP button until the LED light activates, indicating “Learning Mode.”



Enter the code

Using the number buttons on the remote, enter the four-digit code corresponding to your device’s brand.



Code verification

If the LED light blinks multiple times after entering a code, it indicates the Brightstar remote code is incorrect. Try another code from your list.



Test the remote

Aim the remote at your TV and press the power button. If the TV turns off, it suggests successful programming. Turn the TV back on and test other remote functions for confirmation.

By following these steps, you can program your Brightstar remote to work with almost any device, reducing clutter and enhancing your viewing experience. Remember, having the correct codes and a bit of patience is key to successful remote programming.

What is a Brightstar remote?

Brightstar remotes are universal remote controls designed to operate multiple electronic devices, regardless of the brand. They use specific programming codes that correspond to various electronic devices, enabling them to control a wide range of TVs, DVD players, streaming devices, and more. This universal capability makes them a practical and efficient tool for simplifying your home entertainment system.

Why do you need a Brightstar remote code?

The primary purpose of Brightstar remote codes is to eliminate the need for multiple remote controls. By programming your Brightstar remote with the appropriate codes for each of your devices, you can easily switch between controlling your TV, sound system, and other gadgets without needing to juggle different remotes. These codes ensure compatibility and simplify the user experience, making it easier to manage your home entertainment setup.

Why is my TV not picking up the remote signal?

There are several reasons why your TV might not be picking up the remote signal. Common issues include:

  • Obstructed Sensor: Ensure nothing is blocking the path between the remote and the TV’s infrared sensor.
  • Remote or TV Sensor Damage: If the remote or the TV’s infrared sensor is damaged, the signal may not be transmitted properly.
  • Programming Issue: If using a universal remote, ensure it is correctly programmed with the right code for your TV.
  • Distance and Angle: The remote may be too far from the TV or not pointed directly at the sensor.

Can universal remotes work with any TV?

Yes, universal remotes are designed to work with a wide range of TV brands and models. They come with a list of codes that can be programmed into the remote to control different devices. However, it’s essential to ensure that the universal remote is compatible with your specific TV brand and model for it to work correctly. Additionally, certain advanced functions might only be accessible with the original remote that came with the TV.