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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: What we know so far

Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Of course, Samsung is best known for its Galaxy smartphone series, but this company’s earbuds have been gaining popularity since 2019.

We are now approaching the release of the next “Pro” model of the earbuds, which should have a lot of enhancements and new capabilities over the first-generation Galaxy Buds Pro.

What improvements, you may wonder? Here’s a comprehensive article that contains all we know about the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro price and release date

We can predict their pricing by comparing the new earphones to the company’s past models. The price for Samsung’s most expensive earphones, the Galaxy Buds Pro, was $199. The Galaxy Buds 2 are priced at $149, though you may frequently find all Samsung earbud models on sale for less.

Samsung may keep the second-generation Galaxy Buds Pro at the exact pricing as the first-generation device. According to 9to5Google, there is a chance Samsung may increase the cost of the Buds Pro 2 to $230.

Likewise, the release date is predictable. The first-generation Galaxy Buds Pro arrived a little over 18 months ago, and the Galaxy Buds 2 have been available for almost a year. We guess the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will go on the market later in August 2022, given that Samsung plans to have its Unpacked press event on August 10.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro specifications


With a slightly wider form and new color options, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro design appeared comparable to the original Galaxy Buds. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are roughly bean-shaped, whereas the Galaxy Buds 2 are smaller.

Samsung will probably make some design adjustments for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2; they might be smaller than the original Pro model but not nearly as compact as the Galaxy Buds 2.

According to a leak by (@_snoopytech_), the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 will be available in three colors: Zenith White, Zenith Bora Purple, and Zenith Graphite.


One of the most significant aspects of a wireless device is its battery life. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 may last roughly five hours on a single charge, with its charging case adding another 15 hours.

Samsung rates the Galaxy Buds Pro battery life at five hours with ANC turned on, which averages to roughly 4 to 4.5 hours when high volume, streaming, and listening modes are considered. The case adds 18 hours of listening time with ANC.

We expect the new earphones to last significantly longer, making it easier to employ the active noise cancellation feature, which consumes most of the power.

Improved ANC

The first earphone with active noise cancellation was the Galaxy Buds Live. With Galaxy Buds 2, the feature improved significantly. Given that the Galaxy Buds 2 was released a year ago, we’d be surprised if the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro didn’t improve on that front, especially given the anticipated higher price point.

Nonetheless, if Samsung intends to improve the ANC, it should also consider improved power management. If the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro doesn’t get battery enhancements, it will last even less than its predecessors when the ANC is on.

Minor improvements

Support for 24-bit audio, a higher resolution standard than the regular 16-bit or lesser standards you get from streaming providers, is one potential new feature for the Buds Pro 2. This feature could appeal to audiophiles, but you would need an audio player that supports 24-bit music.

Samsung may improve its performance using a specially designed 2-way speaker system with a more robust woofer and tweeter. Additionally, it may use a higher SNR and better internal mic to enhance the ANC and Ambient Sound functions.

Other functions, such as touchpad controls and Bixby voice wake-up, might also be present.

Wrap up!

Even though the Galaxy Buds don’t have the highest audio quality in their class, their price is their main selling point. A competition appears imminent as the releases of the Google Pixel Buds and the AirPods Pro 2 get closer.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 will be the better pair of earbuds if they live up to the reported updates and enhancements.

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