Apple Ring release date speculation, rumored specs, and possible price

The launch of an 'Apple Ring' could be on the cards.

Apple Ring release date prediction, rumored specs, and possible price. Image shows the Apple logo with two rings on underneath the PC Guide logo, on a dark blue gradient background.

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Big companies in tech are forever playing cat and mouse, and since the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Ring rumors are emerging concerning a possible Apple Ring. More and more evidently, the future of wearables is moving from the wrist to the finger: could Apple be taking the next step in developing its own flagship smart ring? Clearly, things are very early in development, if they are at all, but nonetheless here’s our current take on the Apple Ring release date prediction, rumored specs, and possible price.

Apple Ring rumors – what do we know so far?

While Apple has a history of dabbling in smart ring patents, nothing substantial has come of these ventures as of yet. Could this be the year that we see that change? Well, a report from the Korean news site The ET News has an unnamed industry insider claiming this could be the case. After detailing some rumors about the Galaxy Ring, this insider quotes that “pre-development for commercialization appears to be imminent”, and that Apple is apparently considering a launch date for its new wearable. Of course, this report doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on in terms of credibility, but it has certainly got the tech community buzzing to discuss the possibility of an Apple Ring once again.

Aside from saying the launch of an Apple smart ring is “imminent”, this new report doesn’t explore any potential capabilities of such a device. However, a bit of cultivated guesswork based on what other popular smart rings offer and what might be expected from the Galaxy Ring can reveal some insight. The smart ring category is currently led by the Oura Ring, which monitors a range of health biometrics such as heart rate and sleep.

These features, including additions such as smart home control and wireless payments, are expected to be mirrored on the Galaxy Ring. Essentially, what we might see is something along the lines of the capabilities of an Apple Watch but in a much smaller form factor; however, even confirmation of an Apple hand wearable is still yet to be seen at this point in time.

Apple Ring release date speculation

At the time of writing, there isn’t enough solid evidence to start speculating on the Apple Ring release date. The ET News report points towards an “imminent” time frame, perhaps suggesting a release in the next fiscal year. The Galaxy Ring is now rumored to be launched at a Galaxy Unpacked in July, so perhaps we’ll see Apple’s take on this wearable come at some point throughout 2025 after establishing if there’s a viable market interested in investing in ‘Apple Ring’.

Apple Ring price prediction

Similar to the Galaxy Ring, all we can currently pull on for an estimate on an Apple Ring price is how much current smart rings are selling for. The Oura Ring is priced at $299, and other smart rings like the Circular Pro 1 and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR range from $349 to $410. So, this would put a baseline of $300 as a sensible starting point. However, bearing in mind the $3500 price tag of the Apple Vision Pro, the company clearly has a loyal following that will splash huge amounts to try out its latest innovations, so who knows what the cost of an Apple Ring might end up being.

Is Apple coming out with a smart ring?

While the rumor mill might have been churning, nothing has been officially confirmed concerning the existence of an Apple smart ring, there are no other credible sources for backing up these rumors, shining a light of doubt on this ‘imminent’ launch. While it’s true that there are numerous Apple patents of the smart ring variety, big tech companies patent all kinds of ambitious devices that don’t end up making it to the market. It’s also a bit of a reach to say that Samsung’s announcement would directly influence Apple to push its wearables development forward, as each company operates on its own timescale.

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