Best mesh routers for thick walls in 2024 – Our top picks

These are the best mesh routers for thick walls

Best Mesh Routers for Thick Walls

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Mesh routers are designed to provide your entire home with a strong, consistent Wi-Fi signal, and some are particularly adept at handling the challenge of thick walls. This guide will introduce you to the best mesh routers for thick walls in 2024, helping you enjoy a seamless and frustration-free internet experience throughout your entire home.

How we selected the best mesh routers for thick walls

To identify the best mesh routers for thick walls, we prioritized mesh routers with powerful antennas and signal-boosting features. We looked for those wielding the latest Wi-Fi standards and worked to find a variety of options available, including those focused on overall excellence, range, mid-range, and budget. On top of our own research, we factored in real-world testing by trusted sources and user experiences, which you will find in our product breakdowns, from those battling thick walls in their own homes.

Best mesh routers for thick walls

  • ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 white wireless routers with sleek designs, positioned side-by-side on a white background.
Best in Class
  • Standard: WiFi 6
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Max speed: 5400 Mbps
  • LAN ports: 3 x 1 Gbps
Reasons to Buy
  • Strong WiFi coverage
  • Six antennas and 6 streams
  • Easily handles multiple devices at same time
Reasons to Avoid
  • Disconnections noted by reviews
  • Not on latest WiFi 7

The ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 is an incredible mesh system router, with WiFi 6 capabilities, perfectly suited to thick-walled houses. Wifi coverage is great on the ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 due to six antennas dedicated to each of its six streams. Capable of operating on both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, this router system can easily handle multiple devices at the same time.

The ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 is integrated with AirProtection Pro antivirus by Trendmicro.  This scans websites for harmful viruses that could potentially harm your devices. AirProtection Pro also allows users to access robust parental control feats that let parents limit the number of hours specific devices can access per day, and restrict access to certain websites. The ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 is our top pick of best mesh systems for thick walls due to the seamless connectivity it can provide across large homes.

What users say

Reviewers on Amazon are generally positive on this router. Many love its ease of use, citing a simple setup and clear app. Technical support is also praised for being responsive. One user noted that this router was “extending the network to a bedroom well past three sets of these 18 inch walls”. With that being said, some users experience frequent disconnects and inconsistent performance.

  • NETGEAR ORBI AX6000 | 3 Pack
  • Standard: WiFI 6E
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz
  • Max speed: 6 Gbps
  • LAN ports: 3 x 1 Gbps
Reasons to Buy
  • Great interface
  • Strong and sleek aesthetic design
Reasons to Avoid
  • More expensive option
  • Not appropriate for budget-conscious shoppers

The Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6E is an incredibly impressive mesh router system currently on the market. Its mesh system is capable of creating four individual networks – across 2.4 GHz, 5-GHz and 6 GHz, which are distributed by a dozen high-power antennas in each unit. Its range is even further optimized by Wifi 6 technology – including beamforming and MU-MIMO, making it an incredibly powerful and efficient long-range router.

Netgear provides users with an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to manage the mesh system. This can be controlled over on the web interface, or the mobile app. Whilst the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6E is arguably the most impressive and advanced router on the market in regard to its range, it comes at an incredibly high price and is definitely unaffordable for most. Regardless, it sits high on our list of best mesh routers for thick walls.

What user say

While users on Amazon appreciate the router’s speed, strong performance, and ability to deliver consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout. For example, one customer stated that they “only had this a few days but it was very easy to setup and the speed in internet has improved.”

  • Standard: WiFi 6E
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz
  • Max speed: 8.4 Gbps
  • LAN ports: 4 x 1 Gbps
Reasons to Buy
  • Strong WiFi 6E signal
  • Smaller size router
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks a robust and free security system

The Linksys MX8503 Atlas is an incredibly powerful Wifi 6E router with an incredibly impressive range. The Atlas Max 6E can reach far since it’s a Wifi system composed of three modules. With a subtle and inoffensive design, the Linksys Atlas Max 6E can be placed discretely at different points around your house.

The Linksys Atlas Max 6E also features the latest Wifi 6 compatible technology – including the 4×4 MUMIMO technology and beam-forming capabilities. This router also provides users with solid configuration features with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface over on the Linksys app. The Linksys web interface allows users to fine-tune their preferences even further. Although the Linksys Atlas Max 6E scores very highly in regard to range as a mesh system, it lacks a robust and free security system like many other router models in this price range.

  • A row of white computer keys with a mesh Wi-Fi system.
  • Standard: WiFi 6
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Max speed: 500 Mbps
  • LAN ports: 2 x 1 Gbps
Reasons to Buy
  • Budget-friendly router
  • Smaller in size than most mesh routers
Reasons to Avoid
  • Less powerful than other WiFi routers
  • Less reliable than other suggestions

The Amazon eero Mesh is amazon’s answer to whole-home coverage at a very affordable price. Eero’s TrueMesh technology actively reroutes internet traffic between your connected devices and the point of access – ensuring the best possible connection at any given time, even through the thickest of walls. Coverage is therefore not an issue, and the modular nature of the system ensures that further coverage can be reached by adding extra units.

Setting up the Amazon eero Mesh is incredibly simple and done over on the mobile app. Users can pair their phones with the eero over Bluetooth. The main page on the app lets users know how many devices are connected, in which rooms, and at what frequencies (2.4GHz or 5GHz). Furthermore, the app allows parents to create profiles for individual devices and place specific restrictions on devices – such as blocking certain pages and enforcing pauses. All in all, the Amazon eero Mesh is a great, affordable mesh system packed with loads of features at a very affordable price.

Considerations for the best mesh routers for thick walls


Mesh networks are modular, meaning they consist of several units. The extra hardware can often be very expensive. Whilst there are more affordable mesh options out there, it’s important to note that wider signal coverage results in a more expensive network setup.


Mesh Wifi involves having several point of access. Having several bulky routers around your house may not be ideal. A basic, minimal design that can blend into furniture easily may therefore be more desirable when searching for far-reaching mesh Wifi networks.

WiFi standard

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Make sure to go with either a WiFi 6, WiFi 6E, or even a WiFi 7 router. These routers come with the latest WiFi standards and are around 40% faster than the previous ones. Some of the best WiFi 6 routers and the best WiFi 6E routers are capable of handling high speeds, come with several Gigabit borts, and provide great coverage.

How do I choose a router for my home?

When choosing a router for your home you must consider several different factors. First of all, consider the price range you can afford to buy within. Secondly, ensure your router is compatible with your ISP. Once these two important factors have been established, assess how large your home is and make sure your router can provide adequate coverage. For those of you with larger homes and thicker walls, you may consider investing in a mesh system to better distribute the signal.

Can a mesh network router work with any router?

No – mesh routers and their individual access points can only be linked to the same mesh system. However, some stand-alone routers have mesh capabilities – although  this is fairly rare.