How to Reset ASUS Router

Resetting your ASUS Router is incredibly easy, so here's two ways to do it!

Resetting your ASUS router is incredibly easy, so if you’ve made an error, bought a second-hand one with details on it already or even forgotten the password entirely, we can get it sorted real quick.

ASUS routers usually follow similar or if not, the same firmware and backend settings, so if yours doesn’t match entirely, just find the nearest equivalent – they’ll usually have the same naming scheme – and do your best as we take you through this, the easiest fix you’ll probably do for tech support in your home.

We’re following from an RT-AC3200 ASUS router, but again, the firmware and settings should follow a similar pattern.

Remove Any Cables

Before we begin, make sure your router is powered on and everything that would be plugged in is taken out, we’ll be physically shifting it from its position and a bunch of Ethernet cables in the back is going to be a pain.

If your device only connects over Ethernet, then please be careful not to disconnect during the reset process.


How to Reset ASUS Router via Button


Reset Button

This is the quickest and easiest method to reset your ASUS router, as all it requires is to press the button and let the device handle the rest.

On the back of every router, there’s a small reset button. It’ll either need prodding with a paper clip or pen or just be a nub sticking out that you can press.


Press and Hold

Ensure that the ASUS router is powered on and with all solid lights, press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds or so. The device should begin to blink or the lights turn off during this time, if not keep it pressed for a little longer. Once you notice a change, you’ll see the router begin to reset and reboot.




Once it’s back on, if you changed the password before the reset, all your devices will now be disconnected due to mismatching passwords or even the names of the router. You’ll want to go around your house and reconnect everything back up.


How to Reset ASUS Router via IP


Locate IP address

For those who can’t physically reach the router, don’t worry, you can do it via the firmware. There are a couple of methods to sign in to the router’s settings page, with one being the LAN IP address, usually, but we do have a guide on how to find that out if it’s anything different.

However, if you’re really stuck, will send you to the login page. This will usually be admin for the username and admin for the password. If it’s anything different and you’ve forgotten, you better go find the router – you’re going to need to follow method one.


Administration Page

Inside the router settings page, head to Administration. In here, there’s a tabbed section at the top, starting with ‘Operation Mode’. We want Restore/Save/Upload Setting.

Once you’ve clicked this, you’ll have the option to reset the ASUS router back to factory settings. It’ll even have an option to properly nuke everything from a virtual orbit, by erasing all additional bits of data it has stored.



Once your router reboots, if the original password or name of the router was changed, you’ll need to reconnect the devices with the new credentials or reconfigure your router when the splash screen appears in the browser.


Looking to move away from your current ASUS router? We’ve got the best Gigabit Modems, routers, and even regular cable modems.

But are you trying to set up your ASUS router to use with AT&T fiber? We’ve also got the guide for you, which goes into detail about what settings you need to change to ditch the provider’s hardware.

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