Is 1000 Mbps Fast in 2023?

Is 1000 Mbps Fast

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Yes, a 1000Mbps connection is very fast, it allows multiple devices to have fast connections and will help future-proof your home or business.

Everyone loves having a fast internet connection speed. However, having the fastest internet connection can sometimes be a waste. Only a few internet service providers can boast that they can provide gigabit speed downloads, but it usually comes with a hefty price tag and fiber optic cables needing to be being installed in your area. Choosing this type of internet speed is only for those who truly need it. 

How fast is 1000 Mbps? Let’s find out. 

1000 Mbps Internet Connection

1000Mbps as an internet speed these days can be too fast for any single purpose. Whether you want to use it for personal or professional reasons, a 1000Mbps internet speed plan can be excessively fast. However, if you constantly have to receive and send large files or have multiple devices connected then you will find that the lightning-fast upload and download speeds will come in handy.

This kind of internet may be overkill for small and larger households internet experts suggest a 100-200 Mbps internet connection is enough. Even if the connection is divided among 10+ devices, a 100-200 Mbps internet connection plan has more than enough bandwidth.

1000 Mbps for Video streaming

Streaming sites such as Netflix state that internet speeds of 3Mbps are enough to watch HD movies without buffering. Having internet with 1000 Mbps download speeds is way too much but if you require many devices to simultaneously stream HD videos at once then this high-speed internet will be great.

1000 Mbps for Gaming

If you are an avid gamer, then ensuring that you always have a fast internet connection is a priority. Internet speeds of 10Mbps are recommended for online gaming. 1000Mbps is extreme overkill, as lag and ping are mostly to do with server location. However, modern gaming has huge files associated with it. Recent titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Modern Warfare 2 have file sizes of 150GB and 175GB respectively. Meaning that you could download each game in under 25 minutes.

1000 Mbps for Uploading

It is estimated that upload speeds are generally 10% of the download speed, this means you will still have an upload speed of 100Mbps. If you are constantly sending large files over the internet then this will make data transfer extremely fast and stress-free.

For streamers, this means that you can expect uninterrupted seamless streams whilst doing other demanding tasks. This is handy for having a great viewer experience.

1000 Mbps quantified

A rough estimate states that 1000Mbps can accommodate 20 4K videos, 3300 Spotify streaming, 200 HD YouTube videos, and 600 Zoom video calls. Unless you are a large business or institution no one requires this internet power speed or plans to carry out these tasks simultaneously. Therefore, whether you are an online gamer or any other kind of regular internet user, 1000Mbps might be too much to handle.

How Many Users Can Use A 1000 Mbps Internet Connection Plan?

A 1000Mbps can easily be divided between 1-80 devices simultaneously for multi-purpose use. This connection speed would suffice all kinds of internet needs. All users will have an undisruptive division of the connection with smooth functionality and faster speeds. For a good router that can handle all of these devices, read our guide on the best multi-device routers.


For normal internet usage, a 1000 Mbps internet plan can be too much. Where it really comes into a league of its own is when you have many devices connected such as in an office or school where many laptops need to be connected.

Spending too much on acquiring an internet plan of 1000Mbps can prove useless if it is just for household use regardless of the intense needs one may have. Therefore, opting for a 100-200Mbps connection plan is ideal, even if you have many users to suffice.

Additionally, to get the most out of a 1000Mbps internet speed plan you will need a modem that can handle it. We recommend that you read our article on the best gigabit modems to ensure that you have gig-speed internet if you take the plunge and opt for a 1000Mbps broadband plan.

Most internet providers don’t even have these types of plans available, but if your service provider does then choosing a gigabit plan is a great way to future-proof your home or business.