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Pixel 8 size and weight – is it smaller?

Will Google's latest Pixel model be heavier than its predecessors?
Last Updated on October 5, 2023
Pixel 8 size and weight - is it smaller? Image shows the text "Pixel 8 size and weight - is it smaller?" next to the Google Pixel 8 with white glow lines above it, on a purple blue gradient background.
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Eager to know the size and weight of the Google Pixel 8? The latest device by Google, the Pixel 8, was launched by the tech giant at the annual Made by Google event hosted in New York. The event mainly focused on how the Pixel will be pushing the boundaries of on-device AI with its impressive new Tensor G3 chip. However, amongst all this, one question that seems to be on the lips of many is about the size and weight of the Google Pixel 8. Will it be bigger or smaller than its predecessor, the Pixel 7? How much will it weigh? In this article, we’ll be looking at what to expect in terms of the Google Pixel 8’s size and weight.

How big is the Pixel 8?

Now that we’ve got the confirmed release date, features, and pricing of the Google Pixel 8, we know that it will be having a smaller footprint than its predecessor, the Pixel 7. Compared to the Pixel 7’s measurements of 155.6 x 73.2 x 8.7 mm, the Pixel 8 will be coming in at a more compact 150.5 x 70.8 x 8.9 mm. This reduction in size makes it the smallest flagship Pixel device since the Pixel 5, which measures 144.7 x 70.4 x 8 mm.

Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone will not only bring improvements in performance and camera technologies, but also introduce a fresh and compact design that keeps with the consistency of Pixel aesthetics. The rounded edges give the device a sleek and modern appearance, resembling recent iPhone models such as the iPhone 14.

The smaller form factor of the Pixel 8 will likely result in a more comfortable and ergonomic grip. It will be easier to operate the device with one hand, making it ideal for users who prefer compact smartphones without compromising on performance and features.

How much will the Pixel 8 weigh?

The Pixel 8 device will weigh around 187 g, making it lighter than the Pixel 7 which weighs 197 g. This makes it more portable and easier to hold, although there doesn’t seem to be too much of a weight gap separating the two Pixel phones so far. The back of the Pixel 8 is made of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, while the frame is made of 100% recycled aluminum.

With its smaller dimensions, improved camera setup, powerful performance, and improved battery life, the Pixel 8 has the potential to be a compelling choice for users who value portability without compromising on features.

Final thoughts

Now that it’s been fully released, it’s clear that the Pixel 8 aims to offer a refined smartphone experience in a compact form factor, making it a worthy contender in the highly competitive flagship smartphone market. You can read up about pre-ordering the Google Pixel 8 here, but we’ll be keeping our pages up to date with all the relevant information about the launch of Google’s latest Pixel.

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