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Destiny 2 Cat Error – Causes, Fixes

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 4, 2023
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We get it, you want to knuckle down and have a solid Destiny 2 session and an error code pops up on your screen This can be incredibly frustrating. Here are a few things worth checking, to hopefully resolve your error, and get your gaming back on track.

Due to Destiny 2 being a live service game, that gets updates fairly often, error codes can pop up fairly often. So here’s some suggestions as to how to fix Destiny 2 Cat errors.

Step 1

Log out and turn off

Logging out and turning off the game should automatically trigger an update. Once the game had been updated you should be able to run it as normal, without the error message

Step 2

Check for updates

If your game did not update automatically when you turned it off and on again, then manually check for updates. Go to the options menu, look for update options and press update.

Step 3

Verify game files

Finally if this doesn’t work you may need to verify your game files. Do this by entering the options menu, selecting the ‘Local Files’ tab and then clicking on the Verify integrity of game files option.

Are Cat Errors Rare?

No not at all, Cat errors are extremely common when updating your games. So if you encounter these issues, keep reading to find out the best steps of how to solve them.

Why do I get Canary Errors on Destiny 2?

Canary Errors suggest that your device cannot detect a connection to a local network. You should therefore make sure there is no issue with your console or network.

The Bottom Line

These steps be able to cover all the possible venues for fixing the Destiny 2 Cat Error Code issue if it ever occurs on your device. However, if the error still persists even after following all these steps then it is advisable to contact the support team of the developer of the game, or whoever made your console.

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