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Best cheap SSD – budget, performance, and capacity picks

Last Updated on November 20, 2023
Samsung offers the best cheap SSDs on the market.

The down-low of the best cheap SSD is information we can’t gatekeep, so read on to discover our list of the top-performing yet sensibly priced storage solutions. We’ll explore the best SSDs available in the market, focusing on affordability without compromising on quality and performance. The right storage solution can significantly speed up your system, offering quicker boot times, faster file transfers, and overall more responsive computing.

Finding a high-quality solid-state drive at a low price can be challenging. Budget SSDs often cater to those looking to upgrade from traditional hard drives or expand storage without the hefty price tag. While top-tier SSDs boast lightning-fast speeds and impressive durability, our focus here is on finding reliable options that provide a noticeable performance boost and sufficient storage, all within a more accessible price range. Let’s get started!

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best cheap SSD

To determine the best cheap SSDs, we look at a combination of performance, price, user reviews, and expert opinions. While we don’t perform our own benchmarks, the combination of publicly available data to assess the speed and durability of each drive and our in-depth topic knowledge of SSDs forms the solid base of all our selected choices. For each option, we’ve weighed the cost against the drive’s capacity and features, seeking the best value for money. User reviews provide insight into real-world performance and reliability, helping us identify drives that perform well consistently over time.

Naturally, in the lead-up to Black Friday, it’s worth keeping an eye on our Black Friday SSD deals page to see if you can find premium solid-state drives for a nicely discounted price. However, for those on the hunt for storage space with specific build requirements in mind, we’ve got you covered with our lists of the best PCIe Gen 5 SSDs, and the best NVMe SSDs too.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Exceptionally fast read/write speeds
  • Available in multiple capacities
  • Compatible with the latest PCIe Gen4
  • More expensive than Gen3 SSDs
  • Limited compatibility with older motherboards
  • Heatsink may be required under heavy use

The HP FX900 PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD stands out in the market for its blazing-fast data transfer speeds and robust build quality. It’s equipped with the latest PCIe Gen4 interface, enabling it to reach read speeds of up to 7000 MB/s and write speeds of around 5000 MB/s. This SSD is also available in various capacities, making it a versatile choice for different storage needs.

Users will experience significantly reduced loading times and a swift system response, making this SSD an ideal choice for gamers, creative professionals, and anyone who values fast data access. Its compatibility with PCIe Gen4 ensures that it can keep up with the latest motherboards and systems, offering future-proof performance.

The HP FX900 is perfect for users who require top-tier performance without breaking the bank, and gets the top spot as Editor’s Choice bet cheap SSD. It’s especially suitable for gaming enthusiasts who need quick load times and content creators who frequently work with large files and demand quick read/write speeds for efficient workflow.

  • Affordable with solid performance
  • Pre-installed heatsink for thermal management
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Not as fast as PCIe Gen4 SSDs
  • Limited maximum capacity options
  • May require firmware updates for optimal performance

The Addlink S70 is a budget-friendly cheap SSD that doesn’t skimp on performance. It offers read speeds up to 3400 MB/s and write speeds up to 3000 MB/s. This SSD uses the PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and comes with a pre-installed heatsink to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

This SSD is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users who still want fast boot times and quick data access. The Addlink S70’s reliable performance makes it suitable for everyday computing tasks, gaming, and basic content creation. The included heatsink is a thoughtful addition, ensuring stability during prolonged use.

The Addlink S70 is best suited for users seeking a balance between cost and performance. It’s an excellent upgrade for older systems or for building a budget PC that still requires decent speed and reliability.

  • Huge 8TB storage capacity
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Good balance of speed and storage for a SATA drive
  • Not as fast as PCIe SSDs
  • Higher price point due to large capacity
  • SATA interface limits maximum potential speed

The Samsung SSD 870 QVO 8TB is a game-changer in the world of high-capacity SSDs. With a massive 8TB of storage, it caters to users who need extensive space for their data. This SSD boasts a SATA III interface with read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and write speeds of up to 530 MB/s, which, while not as fast as NVMe drives, still offers significant performance improvements over traditional HDDs.

This SSD is ideal for users who have large libraries of games, videos, or professional data but don’t want to compromise on speed. The 870 QVO provides enough space to store extensive collections while ensuring quick access and load times. Made clear from its specs and storage capacity, it’s a premium SSD by one of the leading manufacturers in tech.

The Samsung SSD 870 QVO 8TB is best for users like video editors, photographers, and gamers who require vast amounts of storage. It’s also a great option for general users looking to upgrade their system with a single, large-capacity drive.

  • Fast read/write speeds for a Gen3 SSD
  • Affordable compared to Gen4 SSDs
  • Available in multiple storage capacities
  • Slower than PCIe Gen4 SSDs
  • No dedicated hardware encryption
  • Limited to PCIe Gen3 speeds on older motherboards

The Samsung SSD 980 is a performance-focused SSD offering impressive speeds without a hefty price tag. It utilizes NVMe technology with PCIe Gen3.0 x4 interface, delivering read speeds of up to 3500 MB/s and write speeds of up to 3000 MB/s. This SSD comes in various capacities, catering to different storage needs.

This SSD is an excellent choice for users looking to boost their system’s speed without spending too much. The Samsung SSD 980 excels in rapid data access and transfer, enhancing overall system responsiveness. It’s suitable for gaming, general productivity, and basic content creation tasks. The Samsung SSD 980 is ideal for users who want an affordable yet fast SSD. It’s perfect for upgrading laptops or desktops for better performance in day-to-day tasks and gaming.

Features and considerations

When hunting for the best cheap SSD, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the type of SSD – SATA or NVMe – plays a crucial role in determining the speed and performance. SATA drives are generally more affordable and compatible with older systems, but NVMe SSDs offer faster speeds, ideal for more demanding tasks, newer computers, or next-gen game consoles.

Durability and reliability are also paramount, of course. Even with budget SSDs, you want a drive that will last and keep your data safe. Look for SSDs with good endurance ratings and robust data protection features. Finally, before your purchase you have to make sure that the host device will be compatible with a drive of that physical size and form factor, and that the bus type of the SSD is supported by the system slot that you’re looking to install it in.

Good to know

When articles discuss the ‘form factor’ of SSD cards, there are three categories to which they will be referring. These include the size of the drive, the physical space this drive will occupy in your computer, and the type of connection interface.

Are cheap SSDs reliable?

Yes, cheap SSDs can be reliable, especially when opting for well-known brands with positive reviews. It’s important to consider the brand reputation and customer feedback before purchasing. While they may not always offer the cutting-edge performance of their pricier counterparts, many affordable SSDs provide sufficient speed and durability for everyday use, making them a worthwhile investment for those on a budget.

Our Verdict

In concluding our exploration of the best cheap SSD, it’s evident that each option presents a unique set of features catering to various needs, from budget constraints to performance demands. The Editor’s Choice, HP FX900 PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD, stands out as a prime choice for those seeking a blend of affordability and performance.

Other notable mentions include the Addlink S70 for those on a tight budget, offering decent performance at a very accessible price point. For users needing substantial storage, the Samsung SSD 870 QVO 8TB is a fantastic option, offering a massive 8TB capacity. Lastly, for those prioritizing performance, the Samsung SSD 980 is a great pick, balancing cost and speed effectively.