Bilibili videos show off Steam Deck settings, Cyberpunk 2077 performance

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Valve’s Steam Deck launches in about 20 days – at the time of writing – and with the hardware inching closer to consumer hands, some people in China are already sharing videos on the various user interface and options that the handheld has in store to ensure that your PC games run just swell on the Valve’s latest piece of hardware. 

China’s video social network, BiliBili is currently littered with various clips of people playing on the Steam Deck – presumed to be developers or press – and sharing clips of games like Cyberpunk 2077 and other titles running incredibly smooth on the upcoming handheld. 

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The bigger interest is the menu that seems to indicate there’s a level of control over the hardware not initially suspected to be included in such a fashion. The settings UI included not only TDP settings, which allow you to output more power and run games better, at cost of battery life. 

There’s also a toggle for AMD’s FSR technology to lower upscale a lower resolution using algorithms to give the illusion of higher quality games that might not run smoothly on the intended hardware. 

Valve giving these options software side seems to be their deterrent against complaints of games not really playing well on the device, but also to truly give the impression that this is a regular PC in a handheld format. It also seems like they’ve thought ahead once the current slew of games shifts again and the next batch starts to outmatch the hardware, as FSR should help recoup any performance lost.