Where to buy 10th gen iPad 2023 and iPad Pro 2023

Last Updated on October 25, 2022
Ipad Pro
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Apple’s latest tablets are very nearly here. If you want to stay ahead of the curve then knowing where to buy 10th gen iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 is something you will need to keep in mind. Having been formally unveiled mid-way through October, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on either leading model.

We’re analyzing the specs, price, release date, and more of both emerging models, as well as touching on which retailers to know where to buy 10th gen iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022. One thing’s for sure, each respective iteration on the company’s long-running line of tablets is built with two very different user bases in mind.

iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 release date

iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 will both be released on October 26. At the time of writing, that’s tomorrow. This means that you really don’t have to wait long to get your hands on the latest and greatest from Apple. Pre-orders are currently available for both models and below you’ll find which trusted retailers you can expect to find these tablets at.

iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 price

The iPad 2022 model starts at $449 and the iPad Pro 2022 begins at $799. Things, predictably, scale when increasing the screen size, doubling the storage, and opting for 5G connectivity. The former scales up to $749 when fully kitted out, and the latter tallies up to $2,399 when going all out on the premium end of the scale.

Where to buy iPad 2022




Where to buy iPad Pro 2022




An official look at the new iPad 2022 10.9-inch model (Source: Apple)

iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 specs

Despite their similar names and size conventions, there’s a lot that separates the mainstream iPad 2022 model from the bleeding edge iPad Pro 2022 iteration. The main difference is the two models are the processor at the heart and the size of the screen. We’ve compiled all the tech specs down below in an easy-to-read table so that you’re not left in the dark.

iPad 2022iPad Pro 2022
A14 Bionic ChipM2 Chip
10.9-inch screen11-inch screen; 12.9-inch screen
Up to 256GB SSDUp to 2TB SSD
Wi-Fi + 5GWi-Fi + 5G
How the iPad 2022 and the iPad Pro 2022 model compare against each other (Source: Apple)

What’s encouraging about the iPad 2022 is that it’s powered by the A14 Bionic chip, which has previously powered both the iPad Air 4 and the iPhone 12. It’s also worth noting that this new iPad has a larger screen than the 9th generation, at 10.9-inch instead of 10.2-inch. You’ve got more options as far as colors go with the 10th gen iPad than its predecessors.

Also of note is the fact that the new iPad 2022 uses USB-C instead of Lightning to be on par with the current iPad Pro and iPad Mini. This means that the battery will charge faster and that the new iPad will be compatible with existing products out for the line of tablets.

Does the iPad Pro 2022 have wireless charging?

Unfortunately, despite rumors, the new iPad Pro 2022 model does not support wireless charging. While iPhones have had this feature for the last few years, the only way to charge your tablet is through the included USB-C.

What is iPadOS 16?

iPadOS 16 is the latest operating system software which launched just ahead of the launch of both the mainstream and enthusiast iPad options. Some new features of the revised update include support for desktop-class apps, revisions for the Game Center, and accessibility options.

Is there a new iPad generation launching in 2022?

Yes, there is and you’ve just read all about it. The iPad 2022 model and iPad Pro 2022 launch on October 26. Pre-orders are currently available if you want to secure your model either through Apple directly or at trusted retailers.

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