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What Does Nvidia Shield Do?

We run you through the device's key features

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
What does NVidia Shield do - Top and side shot
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Nvidia Shield TV is still the king of Android TV. There is a reason why it still rules and comes with a price three times more than its other competitors (excluding the Apple TV box).

Let’s have a look at what it can do, and where that investment is going.

What Can It Do?

AI upscaling

Say the video content you watch has 1920 x 1080 resolution. Now when you combine that Dolby Atmos Audio with Dolby Vision on the Shield you have a premium quality streaming service. However, your TV screen may have a 3840 x 2160 resolution. 

Content of a smaller resolution is sometimes shown in a ‘letter box’ surrounded by blank spaces. This is where AI upscaling comes in. With the help of machine learning, your Shield TV will calculate and scale lower resolution content to the appropriate resolution that will go with your screen. 


Everyone knows about Netflix, one of the platforms that uses IPTV. And it is one of the features Shield TV offers.

Internet Protocol TV, and its delivery of TV programs, is designed to use the internet instead of satellite or cable box. So, you can enjoy your TV programs using live streaming. And you can do that using a Shield TV.

ROMs & Emulators

You can also get to play our favorite video games on your Shield TV. This is because it enables you to install Emulators and ROMs pretty confidently.

Hardcore gamers love this feature of the Nvidia Shield TV, and it certainly links with the gaming support Nvidia offers as a wider company.

Streaming games 

The Nvidia Shield allows you to stream games from your PC to your TV by just connecting your computer with your Nvidia Shield TV – although you need to have a PC with a GeForce GTX card inside it to do that.

The Shield also allows you to use Nvidia’s own GeForce Now service, so you can stream games directly to the Shield from the cloud and play hundreds of titles.

Alexa and Google Play Voice Assistant

The Nvidia Shield TV and all its features can be accessed hands free if you use Alexa or Google Assistant with it. And you can interact with your favorite voice assistant on your TV. 


There is a bunch of stuff that your Nvidia Shield TV can do. It turns your television experience into something more entertainment based and centered around you, not the broadcast channels you have to watch on your TV. 

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